Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I don't want to forget

I don't want to forget how you (at 1 year)...

Giggle and bend your knees when I try to get you to stand alone.

You crawl like you're arm is wounded when you're carrying something in your hand.

Love balls and say ball over and over everytime you see one.

Lick us when we ask for a kiss or lick your hand when we ask you to blow us a kiss.

Sign for milk but call it agua even though you definitely know how to say leche.

Randomly point at things and squeak every 5 seconds.

Were so confused the first time you held an egg (which you called ball) and then watched as mom cracked and cooked your precious new ball and how you looked at me when I showed you the scrambled eggs and in such a sweet confused and sad tone you said Ball?

Can stand alone until you realize you're doing it.

Bring me your shoes as soon as you wake up and ask to go outside.

Love to get in the bathtub with or without water.

Cry if we close the bathroom door without letting you in with us.

Don't cry when you bang your head but do cry if we tell you no.

Love to play in your closet & put your red boots on.

Once fell into your toy box.

Sign please at all the food at the grocery store.

Came up and kissed me when I was sad one day for no reason.

Love to suck on the tags of your blankets.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A ONE year old

Tabor you're officially ONE!

It really is true when people say kids grow up fast. I can't believe that a year ago I was holding you as a newborn and today you hardly let me hold you at all because you're too busy playing.

Your newest milestones have been fun to watch. You finally learned to crawl like a normal baby. You still enjoy land swimming from time to time though.

As for walking I'm not sure when this will happen but you do pull up and walk along everything. You're still a little wobbly so it may be awhile. The hard part is you want to walk so we end up holding your hands (or lately just one hand) so you can walk around everywhere.

You say so many words now. I think you can say about 15 words and you like to say them over and over again. Actually you really like to repeat things we say which made us laugh the first time you said "Oh boy" and "Aw man".

You're still taking two 2hr naps which I love. Please don't change this for awhile.

You eat finger foods now. Actually you'll eat anything and everything that we eat. Especially if it's spicy or super flavorful.

You still sleep from 8:30-8:30 yippee - again please keep this up!

My favorite thing about you though is your personality. You are a silly little boy that loves to make people laugh. You love to stick out your tongue and you love to be tickled. Actually, before you go to sleep every night your dad and I attack you with kisses on your neck which makes you laugh really hard because that's one of your most ticklish spots.

We love you so much Tabor. We really can't imagine our lives without you. It has only been a year and yet I can't remember what we did before you were born. You have been such a blessing to us and to everyone around you. We thank God everyday for you and we look forward to all the great memories still to come. We love you little man.

Also, thanks Monica for all the cute pics you took of Tabor. We had a blast with you and Quin and it really means a lot to us that you took and edited all of these. You're amazing and we love you so much!