Thursday, November 29, 2012


This Thanksgiving we had so much to be thankful for. It was so much fun to have a newborn to cuddle and love on and we crashed on Nona's couch so we could all be together for the week. Monica & Ty helped me out the first 2 days of the week and then we were at Nona's so it will have been a month before I was on my own with the two boys! Such a blessing! 

Trey and Katie came into town and we got to hang out with them for a few days. Poor Katie was super sick though :-( We all felt so bad for her and really missed getting to spend every second possible with her! We were happy to see her though and glad that she has recovered fully now! Hopefully she got some good R&R while she was here! The boys loved getting to play and cuddle with their "uncle Frey" :-)

Nona made an AMAZING Thanksgiving feast. (Ty and I provided the Apple Cake & Pumpkin Pie courtesy of Apple Tree ha!) Sorry I was not going to attempt baking with a newborn just yet. My parents came over and we shared a wonderful Thanksgiving meal together. Delicious!

It was such a relaxing Thanksgiving. We had such a great time watching movies and drinking tea and coffee together. Nona even made amazing breakfasts so each day started off perfectly. We are so blessed to have such an amazing family. Thanks Nona for a great Thanksgiving and for helping me slowly get ready to being a full time mama all by myself!

We had a fun mini photo shoot for our Christmas cards and then turned it into a fun walk. These boys LOVE being outside.

We love you Nona. We are so thankful for you and for the wonderful Thanksgiving!

Baby Titus - 1 Month

As of today you:
-Are wearing size 1 diapers (as of 2 weeks)
-Eat every 3 hours
-Are sleeping 4.5hrs at night (since Day 1- thank you!)
-Have already outgrown your newborn clothes and are wearing 0-3 month or 3 month outfits (you are LONG)
-Smile more and more everyday (it's a super cute half grin)

-You fall asleep every time you eat
-Stretch for about 5min before you can wake up
-Like your carseat if we are in the car
-Fall asleep instantly in the car
-Get the hiccups multiple times a day
-Make funny faces. You move every feature at the same time & grab your cheeks)
-Have been sleeping in your own crib. You slept in the hospital with us the first 4 days and in a Pack n Play Bassinet for the 2nd week, but now you're in your own crib and you LOVE staring at your sleep sheep.
-Are already out of your swaddle. You fought your way out until we let you win. Now you sleep wrapped in an Aden Anais blanket and with your arms high above your head!  although you hardly cry
-You make the funniest little breathing noise before you start to cry
-Your bedtime is 7:30 and wake time is 7:30 (currently with a 10:30 dreamfeed, MOTN 3:30 feed & 7:30)
-You're not a huge fan of your paci but we still try and use it sometimes.
-You sleep through church so far
-Your nickname is Hiccupotomus

Titus you are such a joy to this family already. Your big brother has to know where you are at all times and will call your name until he finds you. He can't give you enough kisses when he sees you. Same with us. We all love to cuddle with you and since you love sleeping on our shoulders it is hard not to let you. You love to curl up into a ball and let us love on you. God has truly blessed us by placing you in this family. We hope you feel incredibly loved because we love you so very much. You are such a sweet little baby boy.

*Giant Sock Monkey compliments of Christianne Wheatley - we are so excited to take his monthly pic with him to watch him grow alongside "Sock it to me" (That's what we named him) We got him right when I couldn't figure out how to take his pics- thanks Christianne (and elf Monica) you had good timing! Mini "socky" is also featured in the photo and he's from Jessica Stone & Karen Lewis- thanks girls! You are all so great! Titus you are so loved! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Week with Kapi

I was VERY blessed after having Titus by so many people who helped me adjust to life with 2 babies. We had friends bring us meals, family and friends who watched and played with Tabor and then when I thought I was going to have to do it all on my own...Kapi came for an entire week!

He was GREAT! He played with Tabor, took him to the park, went on wagon rides and even changed diapers! My hero!

The boys just love their Kapi! He made lunches and dinners easy for us and cuddled with Titus. It was an amazing week! We had such a blast!

Tabor couldn't get enough of his Kapi! He woke up every morning asking for him after he'd left. Love watching these two play! 

Jay Lee even came to visit for lunch one day. We all had McAlisters and enjoyed an amazing picnic outside. So fun! The boys even loved being out in the sun and playing all afternoon. 

Thanks Kapi for an amazing week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me recover before I had to try to be a mom of two all on my own. It was awesome to establish their schedules and work my way into it before doing it all myself. I really really don't know how I could have done it without you! Thanks for being my coffee buddy and for all the great memories. You are amazing and I just love love seeing how much these boys love you!

Sanders visit

We were recently blessed by a visit from the Sanders family. They came to meet Titus and Tabor & Gabriel were finally reunited. We really can't separate those two again! The first day or two was spent reintroducing them to each other. They were buddies again after that.

I stuck this picture of Ty & Tabor because I thought it was cute. Of course I had my camera on some random setting but thanks to Lightroom I was able to bring it back to life. I could probably try removing more noise from it but I liked the neat effect it gave it. I love my boys. Titus sorry buddy - you were sleeping!

Again, I had my camera on the wrong setting but look how cute these turned out! It helps that our models are pretty stinking cute themselves!

I love how they're holding hands here. :-)

Yes Tabor is covering Gabriel in leaves and Gabriel is thinking "seriously dude..."

Sarah got them cute little "future quarterback" shirts. They are so sweet! I love these little boys!

No day was complete without a guitar jam sesh. They put on a daily show for us. Tabor may have been the lead "yeller".

I love this! The boys in matching pajamas getting read a book before bedtime by Richard. So sweet!

Tabor watched Gabriel open their gifts. He isn't very good at opening presents ha. He gets distracted easily.


Oh Tabor...

They jumped on the trampoline at Nona's house and then Sarah read them some books.

More story time. These boys love to read! Gabriel's smile in this picture is priceless. I love it!

Titus is worn out from all the excitement. Aunt Sarah got lots of cuddling time.

We always celebrate a birthday when they visit. This time it was Boo's birthday. The boys helped blow out the candles on the cookies.

Storytime with Aunt Sarah. Even Titus joined in. I love his little toes in this picture. Aw I love all these people! Even Baby Hope is in the picture ;-)

Gabriel makes the cutest "cheese" face. He got to hold Titus and he even posed for the camera. The Sanders fam with Titus. Thanks for coming to meet our little man. We love you guys so very very much!

Gabriel and Titus. So cute!

Our 3 boys before a girl gets added to the mix. She is going to be so loved. Look how much they already love Titus!

We had such a blast with you guys! Thanks again for coming. We can't wait to come and visit you guys next! We love and miss you all already!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Sip and See

Our friends blessed us by throwing Titus a Sip & See. It was so much fun and so incredibly special! It was great to have our family and friends get to meet him and love on him. The guest of honor slept the entire time of course but he loved every second of it.

Here's what the invitation looked like. It was so cute that it's even framed in his nursery now.

Here's a pic of half of the hostesses with Titus and I. Thank you Amber, Devin, Sarah, Monica, Marlene, Mandi, Veronica and Stephanie. You are all so wonderful and blessed us so much! Sarah came all the way from Virginia even! (with baby Hope in her belly!) We missed all the girls that couldn't be there also! Thanks to everyone for such a fun day and for showering us with so many blessings!

Monica also made a few prints to go in Titus' nursery. I'll post nursery pictures soon. Here's a preview of the prints!

This one is over the guest bed.

Three of these are framed by the glider.

This one is framed and on his dresser but may soon go on the wall by his newborn canvas.

Thank you to everyone that spoiled our sweet Titus. We completed his registry thanks to our hostesses and got the final things we needed to welcome our precious new addition.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The first people you met

Titus you're a very loved little man. Here's a few pics of your first time to meet various friends and family members. I'm sorry for those I've left out. There were times that people visited and we forgot to snap a picture. There were also friends and family that have been here in spirit and you guys count just as much! We love all of our family and friends so very much. Thank you for loving our boys and for blessing us all by helping out in so many different ways. We don't know what we would have done without each and every one of you.

First picture of Titus and his Mama

First picture of Titus and his Papa

First picture of Titus and Nona

First picture of Titus and Boo

First picture of Titus and Kapi

First picture of Titus and Kiki

First picture of Titus and Uncle Trey

New little Titus Slade

First picture of Titus and Aunt Mon

Gotta love sweet little newborn babies. So sleepy!

My boys all together for the first time.

Mama & Titus

Halloween at the hospital. The football fan, player and football. :-)

Aunt Mon having a girl's morning with me and cuddling with Titus

A comparison of Tabor & Titus at 10 days of age in the same outfit with their Papa!

Aunt Liz loving on Titus

Touchstone so cute!

Big Brother loving on his little brother

Uncle Trey being an awesome uncle

Papa & Big Brother having fun in the hospital room

Best Big Brother Tabor to Baby Brother Titus

I love my boys. I can't imagine life without these boys!

Mama getting sugar from Tabor (I needed this!!)

Tabor meeting Titus for the first time.

Great Grandpa Peepaw holding his newest great grandson Titus

Cousin Conner and baby Titus - a Fiji in training

Uncle Matt and baby Titus

Aunt Shayna loving on Baby Titus

Big Brother Tabor trying out Baby Titus' vanilla flavored "bobo"

Uncle Trey was so much fun to have here for Titus' arrival

First picture of Titus and Aunt BB

Aunt Mon meeting Titus' for the first time

Aunt Mon was our hero this day because she kept our sweet little Tabor while Titus was born so that everyone could be together to meet baby Titus. Something we will forever be grateful for!

Love how Tabor studies little Titus. I wonder what's going on in his little mind.

Leaving the hospital finally! 4 days was LONG enough!!

Big & Little Brother home together for the first time.

Even your buddy Quin loved you right away. :-) What a sweet kiss!

I love this picture too. Braidy is so proud to be holding you all by himself. You will LOVE playing with these boys!