Saturday, June 29, 2013

Titus - 8 months

Hey little man happy 8 months!

You get a new nickname daily it seems. Currently these are the ones you go by:

1. Little Duck - You love bread and we feel like we're feeding a duck when we toss little pieces to you. You will eat bread or cheerios until we stop feeding you. You will open your mouth anytime anything comes near it.

2. Slimer- You are super drooly and have zero teeth still.

3. Roly Poly - You roll all over the place. It's so funny because you'll be across the room in seconds and then back again.

4. Smiley - You are smiles ALL the time. You smile and laugh with your entire face and then you can go back to a serious face instantly.

5. Copy Cat - You try to copy everything. You stick out your tongue, you squeak, you smile and laugh all by watching us do it.

You can say:
Bye Bye

In my opinion "hi" was your first word but really it was probably "dada".

We are working on sign language but nothing yet.

Wearing size 12 months.

Titus we love you. You are getting so big. I am soaking up these last baby moments because I know soon you will be running around singing songs and throwing balls with your older brother. For now though I hold on to your hugs and when you snuggle on my shoulder. Your little giggles and first words and every first that you experience. Seeing you take in every new experience for the first time is so much fun and brings such joy to us. We pray God guides us in raising you to be the godly man we pray you become.