Friday, February 18, 2011

Showered with blessings at Raytheon

Ty's office threw us a joint baby shower with one of his co-workers Minan. She and I are due the same day, but she is pregnant with a little girl. So the race is on!

His co-workers were SO sweet to do this and to even get me a special clearance in order to enter the Raytheon building. I felt so special! I got to see Ty's office for the first time EVER! How weird is it that I have never seen my husband's office!

They had a lunch for us catered in that was DELICIOUS and then topped it off with a BECKERS cake!I looove Beckers!

Tabor's cake was a chocolate/vanilla marble cake with a buttercup filling and a chocolate buttercream icing on the outside. It was AMAZING! Baby Girl Chung's cake was red velvet with cream cheese filling and a buttercream outside. Also delicious but the marble was my favorite!

Here's some of the guests. They were all so nice to do this for us. God has put some amazing people in our lives and has provided us with so many wonderful blessings in preparation for Tabor's arrival.

A special thanks to Angie King & Paulyn Beyan for arranging it all! (and a special thanks to Ty for taking the picture of me stuffing my face below)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Jennifer's Baby Shower

So it's official. Marlene & Rose are the world's most creative people I've ever met! Rose's daughter and Marlene's neice Jennifer is having a baby girl named Mia (who we are going to set up with Tabor someday) and her baby shower was beautiful! I got to help out and share in Jennifer's special day! Now we are patiently waiting for Baby Mia to arrive! She is going to be such a precious little girl!

Here are some pics from the shower! Let me know if you need to hire a party planner, wedding coordinator, florist, etc. I know just the person!

Here's the wish tree with special notes & wishes to Baby Mia:

A closeup of the table where everyone took turns writing their wishes to Mia

The bracelet game. You should've seen how competitive some of the ladies got over this game! It was fun!

Of course my favorite part was the dessert table. The brownies were delicious!

I loved how they were displayed on a special tree stand with butterflies

And...who can resist chocolate covered Oreos?! Especially when they are THIS pretty in pink!?

Of course I'm biased and think that the BEST dessert there was the Cake Truffles provided by Kruffles!

There were 7 different flavors all dressed up for Mia's pink baby shower!

The fondant flowers were a blast to make and a little butterfly sat on top of the arrangement!

A few more Kruffle pics.

A close up of the Butterfly on top

A picture of the Kruffles with all the desserts in the background! What a great sweets table!

A view of all the other sweets. Pink mixed with chocolate served with champagne. Yumm...

Is your mouth watering yet?!

Once again if you want a party like this one...let me know and I'll tell you who to hire :-)

Check out Jennifer's Pregatini! These were served to the guests as they walked in to the shower!

No detail was overlooked. Each table even had Mia kisses announcing this precious Baby Girl!

These arrangements were on each table. This one happens to be the head table where Jennifer sat.

Each guest received a gift for attending. How cute are these!!!

Jennifer's family. I love this picture!!

The head table again! I love the butterflies in the background!

One of the many games! The baby bottle drinking game! We had a few cheaters that STILL lost to these girls!

Marlene and I after all the fun! It was a great shower! Way to go to the masterminds and congratulations Jennifer & Daniel! We can't wait to meet your baby girl!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Baby Gabriel Sanders is here

Welcome to the world Baby Gabriel! Congrats to the Sanders family for their newest edition!

We are so excited about your new little guy!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gabriel is on his way!

It's 11:30pm.

Ty and I are drinking tea and trying to stay awake.

I must admit we are getting very sleepy.

BUT Gabriel is arriving and all we want to do is meet this new little guy!

Sarah, Richard and Baby Gabriel we are praying for you! We can't wait to meet you Gabriel! We love you so much already!

(Don't worry I promise to get the ok from the Dr. before I hold him! I have been symptom-free for 2 days though! So hopefully it will be fine!)

Ok more tea...