Monday, February 25, 2013


We packed all our snow gear for our trip to Virginia and didn't get to use it. We flew back to Texas and on Sunday it was 70 degrees. We played outside, laid in the grass looking up at the sky and then on Monday we had a blizzard.

So we made snow angels:

and we tasted the yummy snow...

we watched the snowflakes fall...

and were oh so warm all bundled up in our snow gear

This was Titus' first time to see snow and Tabor's 2nd.

However, it was the first time Tabor NOTICED snow and wanted to play. Please note: Gloves were on the child BEFORE he stepped outside. Mr. Blizzard preferred to go gloveless.

Papa had a snow day and worked from home, but took a break to make a life-size Frosty! Tabor stayed out and helped him the entire time. He loved his first Frosty.

I said and MEANT life-sized Frosty!

Such a happy little guy. If only he knew how fast frosty's disappear in Lubbock, Texas.

The 3 snowmen. So proud of their finished snowman!

Boo wanted to be as tall as Frosty. So she stood on a bucket. (Thank you Frosty for not knocking her over!) Boo you are crazy!

Successful first snowday! We had such a blast playing, eating and building with the snow. Frosty actually lasted an entire week. Tabor checked on him everyday until he brought me his hat, eyes, nose and mouth and said "bye bye Frosty".