Friday, August 30, 2013

Titus 10 Months

Well Mr. Titus you're 10 months old!


1. Refuse to eat purees but there is nothing you won't eat otherwise. You've even eaten Ratatoulle. Crazy how much you can gum without teeth!
2. Your first tooth just broke through on the day you turned 10 months.
3. You love your big brother so much. He can stand on you, cover you in blankets, bounce balls off your head and you just smile up at him. (probably because you know you'll get your chance someday).
4. You still love your aden & anais blanket over your face or sucking on the tag.
5. You LOVE water. You could swim or take a bath forever. You even laugh when we pour water over your head to wash your hair.
6. You still take two 2hr naps a day. Sometimes one is longer and sometimes you just take one nap if we are out and about. (like swimming - you'll nap at the pool but then you don't want to miss a second of that water!)
7. You can scoot backwards on your little riding dragon.
8. You give kisses "besos" when we ask but it's more like lots of tongue clicks
9. You LOVE to play peek-a-boo in your crib and you especially love it when Tabor plays with you. It melts our hearts to see how you light up when we say BOO!
10. You love to high-five over and over and over.
11. You're still nursing. Honestly I think it just saved you from the stomach bug that wiped us all out.
12. You are such a cuddler and if you feel like cuddling I soak it all in.

You're personality is definitely starting to shine. You have become incredibly mobile in the last month and your favorite thing to do is throw a ball and chase after it saying "ba" (your favorite crawl spaces are under the table and down the hall). You always end up stopping for a snack under your high chair (no matter how often I sweep or mop you find something to stick in your mouth) and you also love going down the entry way for two different reasons. 1. You are determined to eat the door stopper because it is the only one I haven't taken off the wall. 2. The study is currently off limits because it still has unopened boxes and you love to push the door open, crawl in and try to close the door behind you (again for a door stopper).

You LOVE your tongue (lengua). It is always hanging out and if it isn't you'll stick it out as soon as we ask you to. You are determined to learn to curl your tongue.

You say Mama all the time, you've said Papa a few times, and you say Ball, and hi.

You have started pulling up randomly. First time we knew about it was in the bath tub which means you've probably been practicing in your crib so your crib is now being lowered.

Your crawling is usually still an army crawl. You CAN crawl but you prefer your army technique - it's much cooler apparently.

When you want us to pick you up you lay on your belly and lift your hands and feet (the superman) and flap your arms. You love to flap your arms when you get excited and shuffle your feet back and forth if you're sitting.

You have a very long tongue. See

Hahaha You love to make people laugh. Ok and I also had to share this picture because your signature look is what we call your "peacock" look. We can't get those back hairs to stay down EVER! No amount of Gorilla Snot can hold those suckers down.

Sweet Titus. We love you so much. We can't imagine this family without you in it. Our little blondie your smiles and laid back personality brighten our day every single day. We are so incredibly blessed that God placed you in our lives and we pray every day that we can raise you the way God calls us to. Happy 10 months sweet boy.