Thursday, August 23, 2012

First day of Non-School

Monica, Amber & I decided to take turns twice a week and keep the kids for 2 hours in the morning. 

This was our first day. 

Tabor cooperated for about 2minutes so this is as good as the before "school" pics get. I love his new backpack. He won't wear it yet and of course mom has to carry it, but I still think it's super cute and it holds all he needs. So Titus the diaper bag is nearly ready for your arrival.

They played at Amber's for the 1st day. They had a blast. I'm so excited that they get to spend so much time together and I think it will be good for them and for us!

Tabor, Cape & Quin

I love these little boys. They are so happy and sweet and I can't wait until they come play at "Tabor's" house next week! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Steph & Domingo's Wedding Shower

We've been planning Stephanie & Domingo's shower for some time now and the day finally arrived. Thanks to all the wonderful hostesses it was a HUGE success!! It turned out so beautiful!

I have to say that Vanessa & Stephanie R are amazing pinterest users. They came up with really cute ideas. Like decorating the sidewalk with chalk. Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of the initials until after the party so it had been stepped on but you get the idea how cute it was!

They even did pink hearts up the walkway! The theme was EAT PINK & BE MARRIED! :-)

The pink crown cake and nearly newlyweds posing in front of the awesome balloon setup. Too cute!

Domingo's family said it was a tradition for the Bride & Groom to bite the cake. I haven't figured out yet if this is true or if they were just trying to smash his face in as a joke. Domingo was too quick and clever to fall for it though.

 We had personalized chocolate bars as shower favors for everyone. Thanks to Monica of course for making these Oh so cute favors!

My favorite was the back. Mon you're super talented!

I have to see if I got another picture of the tents, but this was a pre-shower setup picture as we were hanging up decorations. Domingo's family put this all together. It turned out so pretty!!

One of the games we played was the Bracelet game where you couldn't say certain words. It got vicious towards the end and everyone was trying hard to steal each other's bracelets. The prizes were definitely worth playing for (thanks to Marlene for training me well)

Yes all these signs and cards were also done by Monica. I have to give her all the credit for that! Love the way it all turned out!

These suggestions & blessings cards were really fun and super cute! I hope the Bride & Groom got lots of great advice. :-) I know I filled out a few...ok 5. ha!

This chair was where Stephanie sat to open their shower gifts. Everything turned out super cute and the weather was beautiful as well!

I have to say these pictures are priceless because Steph is so thrilled and Domingo's expression is "can't wait to eat what she makes me" or "when did she register for an ice blue kitchenaid mixer without me realizing it!? ha!

I love this picture too. Sheer bliss written all over Steph's face and "hurry and rip it already" written all over Domingo's face. They are such a cute couple!

Ok step...marriage! Yay! I'm so excited for you two! I can't wait until September! We had a great time showering you with gifts and love! Hope you had a wonderful time! Thanks to everyone who helped out.

(I have more pics but I'll just have to update this post once I get them)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Steph's Bachelorette Party

I have to start this blog out right by showing off the hat that started off all the craziness. My mom & I were flying from Texas to Chicago. Easy enough right?! Yea well apparently all flew out the window when we saw this hat, bought it and missed our connecting flight. 

We did eventually make it and had an amazing time. My aunt Mari and cousin Shelly also planned a surprise visit so it turned into the BEST girls weekend ever!

We celebrated the end of Steph's bachelorhood by taking a LAP DANCING class! Hilarious I know but it was such a blast and honestly yea ok honestly a pregnant lap dancer...not so sexy. ha! Poor Titus will never live this down knowing I took this class with him in my belly. ha ha It was better than our original pole dancing lesson we had planned. Those women really do climb those poles! Crazy!!

We went to a fancy dinner afterwards (see the hat was worth the missed flight!) and had an amazing meal with fancy straws. ;-) It was so much fun!

Steph got lots of great gifts but my favorite was the huge undies that I found and monogrammed with a huge heart. haha Ok Ok I don't expect her to wear grannie panties but she and my mom did it to me when I got married so it was payback time!

We went up to the rooftop after dinner which apparently turns into a bit of an after dinner party! Look how cool Chicago looks in the background. It was a perfect night!

Mari was the life of the party (as always) she pulled an "Ellen" and danced behind every guy that wasn't paying attention. It was hilarious!

We had such a great time! Steph you are a gorgeous bachelorette and now I really can't wait until the wedding!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MMO - Day 2

MMO - Mother's Morning Out

Day 2 was a unique and special day. Kenley came into town so we decided to get all the boys together and also let us mommies get to spend some much needed quality time together. Of course most of that time was spent chasing boys, catching swings before they smacked another boy in the head, rounding up boys, feeding snacks, feeding lunch, teaching to share, explaining sandbox rules, and getting covered in sand. Ha - life sure isn't the same as it used to be! What did we do before? Actually talk I think!!

Here are the 4 kiddos. This is one out of 50 pictures and probably the only one where you can see all of their faces in one shot. 

Baker - Tabor - Quin - Cape
(our kids have such cool names!)

So this picture cracks me up. Tabor double fisting his donuts but the thing that gets me is how much he looks like Ty in this picture. You may not see it but there's a baby picture of Ty somewhere that looks so much like this one. I'll post it if I ever locate it.