Monday, April 25, 2011

Tabor's Photo Shoot

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Diaper Genie 1 Grandma 0

I'm sitting in my glider nursing Tabor when my mom walks in with a funny look on her face. She tells me she is taking out the trash and asks if she can empty the diaper genie. I say yes completely unaware of what's coming.

She then asks if I know how to empty the diaper genie. I say yes and that it's fairly simple. Again the funny look on her face. Then she admits that she can't figure it out. So I tell her to explain her problem. She kinda laughs and leaves the room.

The next thing I know a huge diaper genie is being carried into the room followed by a long trail of blue bag and an even longer trail of diapers. She is laughing pretty hard at this point.

And so am I.

I try to explain that there is a cutter inside and that's as complicated as it gets. You cut the bag & tie off the ends. I even pull up a utube video to show her. In the end it took Stephanie coming in to find the cutter (which is clearly labeled cutter) in the middle if the genie.

Lesson learned. The diaper genie is not as easy to use as we thought. At least not if you're Grandma Boo!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Froggy bottoms

My aunt Stephy picked out my Froggy outfit for me to wear today. Ive been uber sleepy today. Mom is going to stop taking pain meds to see if that's why!!


Mommy swaddled me nearly as good as daddy does it. Ok maybe not as food but close!!!


Your cheeks puff out when we burp you! It's so funny I couldn't help taking a picture!!

Sweet bum

Baby clothes are so cute!!

Tabor I'm sure you'll appreciate the fact that most of your outfits have something cute on your butt.

Your dad & I love it!!!

Going home

We finally got to take home our bundle of joy!

Tabor's first car ride was oh so sweet. We got to take him out into a beautiful sunny California day and put him in his new car seat. He takes after his mommy & daddy and instantly fell asleep in the car. So he may not know it but he loved riding in the car!

AND the best part... We're home!!!

Tabor + Burrito = Taborito

People keep saying that when he's swaddled he looks like a burrito. He's our little Taborito.

Tabor Nolan Touchstone

He's here! He's perfect. He's ours!

Wow what an amazing last few days. Monday I came in to be induced but as you've read my body was very sensitive to the hormones and quickly sent me into labor. They stopped the meds 10hrs early because instead of every 5min or so I was having back to back contractions. I wasn't allowed to have an epidural because I had not dilated so you can imagine the fun I had.

The next day they started the pitocin to speed labor up. Since I'd spent the night in labor we were hopeful it would work. Well sure enough my body was again very reactive to the pitocin and I was soon having back to back contractions again. The problem was that I had not dilated any though. The doctor realized that I'd been through enough and sent the anesthesiologist to give me an epidural.

I had been scared of the epidural but turned out it wasnt as painful as I'd anticipated. Although he had to do it twice (the first time he put it in he hit a blood vessel because my contractions were so close together he had to try and time it to go in between the blood vessels and well hit one because they were so close). The worst part was him numbing the area. After that it made me so numb to the pain that it was all very much worth it!

I continued in labor the rest of the day. They lowered the pitocin so the contractions were farther apart. Finally at around 2pm the doctor talked to us about what was going on and what our options were. We had been discussing the progress (or lack thereof) all day but finally we discussed the next step. Our option was to come back in a week and try the same thing again. He believed that we'd have the same results and have to do a c-section a week later or go ahead with a c-section that day. Since my body had been in labor for so long he didn't think that the baby was small enough to fit through my pelvis and that really every scenario pointed at a c-section as the outcome.

We decided to go ahead with the c-section. They stopped my meds and I continued go be in labor until 5:30 which when the c-section had been scheduled for. (which in the end turned out to be the only way for him because his head was indeed too large to pass through).

The rest is now history. I do remember that the 2 most amazing moments were hearing his cry for the first time and when they placed him on me right after.

Tabor Nolan Touchstone
Born on April 5th, 2011
7lbs 15oz
19 inches long

I already love this little guy more than I ever thought possible.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Way too efficient

I've just had the cervidil removed. Apparently my body reacted too well to it and my uterus couldn't take all the strain. She said it might slow down my labor but my body is now in full on labor alone. It's not slowing down either. The pain has not lessened. 3hrs from now the pitocin will begin. If I make it to that step. Ok I'm going to try to sleep. Altho they are getting stronger! I wish I were a man!!

Bringing It

First of all let me say this is NOT what I expected it to be. I'm in so much pain. Right now I'm on a break because I got up and walked around. I've got oxygen on because we need to wake Tabor before I can get another round of drugs. Yes I'm on drugs. Don't judge me. Or do if you want. I don't care. Once they started the med I began having contraction after contraction with no break. I was shaking uncontrollably and had no clue how I was going to take another second if this. So they gave me a sleeping pill. Which did not work. At all. I kept shaking & had no break between each contraction. So they put in my IV and I think some saline mixture to slow down the contractions and then brought in narcotics to try to knock me out and put an end to my crazy shaking. Did it work. No. Tys asleep I'm awake. Although now I'm doing a little better I am waiting for tabor to wake up for round 2 of the narcotics. Maybe I won't need them but I'm dying to SLEEP!! Ty is snoring away. Ok ouch. Ouch ouch. They are getting stronger again. Just keeping my eye on the Prize...tabor!!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Having my last supper in the next few minutes and then headed to the hospital in a few hours.

Tabor we are so excited that we get to meet you tomorrow!

God we pray for a fast and easy delivery and a healthy baby boy! I can't believe the next time I post something I will be a MOMMY!

WOW! We are turning into parents! So weird!!! So exciting! Such a blessing!!!!

God is truly amazing! Tabor we can't wait to hold you in our arms little man!

So much to learn...

Ok so I never thought I'd ever have to screen a baby book but low and behold Rachel comes over today to bless us with ice cream and she asks Ty to read Liam a book she had just checked out from the library (keep in mind she had no idea what it was about). Ty starts reading and discovers that the story is about 2 gay penguins that steal an egg to raise a baby together. Ty then burned the book and now has to pay Rachel's library fee! I can't believe we have to start screening baby books!!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

THE Salad

This is a picture of the THE salad. It is the salad that is going to send Danielle into labor. People throughout LA swear that it works. (It's from Caioti Pizza Cafe) She's taking a bite now ...wait... Contraction! Another bite ... Contraction! ... oh no's just indigestion.
We'll keep waiting and hoping!!!

UPDATE: THE Salad definitely brought on contractions. It definitely almost worked. Unfortunately after a few hours the contractions stopped and Danielle is still pregnant. Still very much pregnant.

Friday, April 1, 2011

2 days and counting...

We are 2 days away from our DUE DATE! Even so I don't feel like it's ever going to happen. I feel like my new marshmallow state is my new way of living. That I will forever sleep sitting up on the couch and never again be able to skip, hop or run.

I've tried everything to send me into labor and this little guy just shows NO interest in coming out.


Yesterday I drove through Taco Bell and asked them to put jalapenos and super hot sauce in a bean & cheese burrito. I do NOT like spicy things. So needless to say... it didn't work and I didn't enjoy my lunch. I thought the hot sauce packet was cute though:

It's hard to read - it says "I carry my weight in my midsection" SO appropriate! ha!

I've been running myself ragged lately keeping busy (yes I KNOW the Dr. said to rest but that's impossible for me! Hence the marshmallow feet)

I have completed Tabor's scrapbook (with all the cards & pics from the showers):

I have packed our bags as you've seen in an earlier post.

I have hung out with Gabriel. Sarah & Gabriel actually came over yesterday to make sure I was resting. I made them proud! I sat on the couch with my feet up nearly the entire time they were here.

Stacy and Evelyn came by one day too. Evelyn played with Tabor's Fergie the Frog. How cute is she! And Stacy made delicious smoothies! (That's my newest craving) Thanks Stacy!!!

Liam and Rachel spent some time making sure I rested too. Rachel brought me an amazing Chef Rachel lunch special - I have been so super blessed lately!!! Liam lounged and played with us (as much as my butterball self can play). I promised him I'd play more soon!

Even Nina came by and brought me CPK for lunch this week. We spent the entire afternoon chatting and catching up. It was so much fun and again a HUGE blessing! I feel so loved!

Now if only Tabor would arrive!!

We've finished Tabor's nursery, we filled Ty's Daddy Diaper bag, and we've built Tabor's new swing (Thanks Bea!)

I've even tried reminding Ty what I once looked like. (and will probably never look like again) He says I haven't changed. HA! I love my husband.

We've passed every possible milestone. Including going on a movie date to see Rango. (Tell me I don't look any different from the above picture. YEA RIGHT!)

So... that's what I've been up to lately. Nothing and everything. Waiting. Waiting for our little man to decide he wants to meet us.

We love you Tabor and we can't wait to meet you!!