Monday, April 29, 2013

Titus-6 months

Titus you're half a year old! You have changed so much. You're personality is starting to show, you smile non-stop and laugh like crazy. You squeal louder than I have ever heard anyone squeal and then you laugh like it is the funniest noise you have ever heard.

You wear size 12 months or 6-12 months. You weigh 18lbs and are in the 87th percentile for height. You are growing so fast! You wear size 3 diapers during the day and size 4 at night.

You love to eat:
-sweet potatoes

Your favorite thing is your sippy cup. You chew on it instead of drink it but it makes you so happy.

You can play "la linda manita" and "topi topi" and you love to play when we sing to you.
(La linda manita is a song about your cute little baby hand and you rotate your hand as you sing; Topi Topi is a soft little head butting game. I love it when Tabor plays this with you because he is so gentle with you.)

You can sit up (for a little bit) then you topple over. You play with your driving wheel and your rolling ball. I can't believe you're already sitting up!

You roll. Non-stop. You roll from your back to your belly and then get frustrated because you can't remember how to roll back. So you've started sleeping on your belly when you roll over in your sleep.

Your eyes are hazel. They can look blue and green and brown and yellow. They're cool!

You take 2 naps. A 2hr one in the morning and a 2-3hr one in the afternoon. Ok and sometimes you just take 1 nap. You don't like to sleep on the go anymore so if we do anything other than stay home you take one nap in the afternoon. The best part though is that you're just as happy either way. You go with the flow no matter what is going on.

Baby Titus we love you so much. Your brother loves to make you smile just as much as we do. I can't get enough of your squishy knees, happy squeals, and laid back personality. We pray that God helps guide us to help you become an amazing godly man someday. We are so blessed that God has entrusted us with you. Happy half a year!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rockstar Tabor's 2nd Birthday Bash

I can't believe our little Rockstar Tabor is 2. 

 Monica made the cutest posters of our little Rockstar. These are going up in his new room!

Taking these pictures weren't as easy as when he was a baby and had no choice but to pose for me ha! His "attitude" added to the shot though! 

 Monica made Backstage pass invitations that I'm in love with!!

 Thanks to Nona we were able to reserve the perfect birthday spot for a rockstar to practice his rockstar moves with his buddies. It was so much fun!

Complete with a Rockstar Photo Booth (more for Ty than Tabor ha! - I think the adults had the most fun with this)

The water bottles turned out super cute too! (again all thanks to Monica's creative talents)

Love how the Rockstar cake turned out and the microphone cupcakes were much harder than Pinterest led on but thanks to A LOT of help they turned out cute too (and delicious which is all Tabor cared about).

The bounce house was such a blast and it was fun to wear matching shirts that day. Shirts were all ordered from RiverImprints on Etsy. They made Tabor & Titus's shirts even. So cute!

The kids all got guitars, tattoos, and some Gorilla Snot (for their rockstar hair-do) so they could look like true Rockstars while they practiced their moves in the bounce house.

We had stars leading the way to the party. (Can you tell I LOVE the details!)

The setup crew - they were all "with the band" None of this could've been possible without them (and Monica). Seriously thank you to everyone that helped make this possible! I dream big and then get in way over my head ha! Ty & Tim call it The Vortex.

At least we all had a blast and got to enjoy the party!!

A little too much...ha

Tabor's buddies even took some super cute Rockstar pics!

McLain (baby sister Aplin sorta) and Matt & Shayna made for some awesome Rockstars!

Ty & Ryan looking good in blonde wigs.

Raiford, Lindsay and Baby Briggs all Rockin out. Love them!

These little Rockstars actually look like little rockstars! Check out these handsome boys and their precious momma! I love you guys! Michele, Noah & Caleb posing for pics!

Girls shot...aren't we a couple of hot blondes!? (ha maybe we should remain brunette!)

Yay! Girls shots!

I told ya the adults had more fun than the kids in the photo booth!

Titus snuck into the girl shot. All he cared about was eating the microphone though.

Oh there's just too much to love about this pic!

Another sneaky boy...Caleb I see you!

The guys had fun in the photobooth too! What a bunch of good lookin rockstars!

Touchstone men in the photobooth.

Best part...cake time! Cute little Rockstar was so ready for some cake!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Blowing out candles. Titus is so confused. ha

Chocolate heaven. This kid has my sweet tooth for sure!

Chocolate covered cuties! Love these kiddos!

Sugar high = hard to photograph

Raiford, Braidy, Cape, Tabor, Noah, Quin, Denham, Caleb and Kendall. (Reese, Titus, Shepherd, McLain, Reteif and Leizl aren't pictured)

Cape...there's a little chocolate on your nose. Just a little though.

More party favors...pop rocks. YUM!

Opening presents was much more fun this year! So blessed with such amazing gifts!

This little Rockstar partied way too hard.

This one had the best day of his entire life. He kept playing and playing.

Family shot. As good as we could get at least. Love my boys!

Tabor our lives have been blessed immensely since the day you were born. I never realized how much more love I could feel and yet everyday my love for you grows. You are such a sweet, fun energetic 2yr old! You play hard and sleep hard. We say you're rechargeable.

You love:
1. to dance and sing - usually in a designed dancing area where people are instructed to join you.
2. eat eggs with cheese and bacon (aka slices of ham) - sometimes I can get you to eat pancakes with honey, muffins or yogurt and bananas but usually it's eggs. every. day.
3. wearing socks - you sleep in socks and then ask to keep them on
4. your abc's - it's your obsession seriously you just can't get enough and lucky for us letters are everywhere and you LOVE to let us know every. time. you see one!
5. stuffed animals - of any shape and size. They sleep with you, eat with you, and play with you. They even go on car rides with you.
6. your aden & anais blankets - it's like your pacifier. You can't sleep without one or three in your bed and you suck the tags.
7. reading - you could read for hours. you do read for hours. or until we can't stay awake reading to you anymore.
8. to repeat us - you always have. you will say anything we ask you to say. It's cute. We love getting you to say big words (redundant is your favorite right now) and we laugh because you can't say stool but you can say longer ones.
9. every letter but the letter s - if it is at the beginning of a word you omit it. always. stick, smoothie, stool - we tell you not to forget the s and you say... "ssssssss tool" or ssssss tick" I know this will be forever gone soon.
10. being outside - and it is hot but being cooped up just isn't an option for you.

We love watching you play make believe with your animals - you feed them or instruct them what things are off limits to touch in the house ha. You also love to tell your baby brother no and explain to him what he is doing wrong. All the time. You love standing on him, covering him in blankets, toys, pillows, etc. and you love kissing him, holding his hand and playing peek a boo. It's so much fun to watch you two together. Exhausting because I want to make sure Titus isn't injured in the process but still it melts my heart.

You also spend a lot of time in time out. Sometimes when you don't want to do what we are wanting you will put yourself in time out. You also like to tell us about the time you were in time out. You tell stories A LOT. When your dad comes home from work he will ask what you've done during the day and many times it's a made up story of playing with Aunt Mon, Quin and Braidy and watching Meet the Robinsons. Which happened 1 time and for 10min.

You are such a joy Tabor Nolan. We love you so much. Your "squeezy hugs" make us melt. Along with your pats on our backs and "mama you're so cute" and "papa you're so strong" comments. We love you more than we ever thought could even be possible. Thank you God for entrusting us with this little life.