Monday, October 31, 2011

Magic Halloween

About a month before Halloween my sister sent Tabor a card with a picture of a baby dressed as a lobster in a pot with the words "Don't let your parents do this to you" above the picture.

So... of course when Gymboree decided to sell Lobster costumes there was no question what Tabor was going to be for Halloween!

So our little guy was a tasty red lobster for his first Halloween.

We go on a walk every night so when Monica said she & Ryan were taking the kids trick or treating in their neighborhood we asked to tag along. It was great! Our lobster showed up on their doorstep in his pot which was quickly filled with a Roast Duck (aka Quin) and the lobster made a quick escape.

A pirate ignored the two silly babies and ran around collecting candy and saying Thank you as he quickly ran to the next house for more. It was so cute and so much fun. 

The duck and lobster meanwhile rode in their strollers happy as could be and trying hard to stay awake and enjoy their evening walk.

Tabor we love you and hope you have a good laugh at your expense some day. We had a lot of fun dressing you and sticking you in a pot. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

All stitched up

It was a nice Saturday afternoon. We were planning to go shopping and for a fun walk together. First we had to eat a quick lunch though so while I fed Tabor - Ty made my lunch and then started making himself a sandwhich. The ciabatta bread he wanted to use was a little hard though so when he went to cut it in half the knife slipped and he sliced his thumb.

As nonchalantly as if he had given himself a papercut he says, "I'm going to go get some stitches and I'll be back." as he grabs his hat and book and walks out the door.

Meanwhile I'm running around trying to get him a towel and clean the blood and feed Tabor and make sure he's got a snack and yea by this point he's already at Urgent Care reading his book.

Needless to say we didn't make it to our family outing but Ty survived and came back with 6 stitches in his thumb. He put his new iPhone to good use also by snapping a few pics of his thumb and even a video.


Here's the picture Ty emailed everyone. 6 stitches.

The smurf thumb ready for Halloween. :-)

A week and a half later... looking good!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Well Tabor, you've learned to sit and stand, but you haven't yet learned to crawl OR walk.

Actually, you're a little confused with the concept of walking.

You can walk backwards, but not forwards.

A few days later we tried again and you're doing a little better going forward. I know it looks like I'm making you walk, but you really do lift your foot yourself.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where's Waldo?

Tabor was left alone with his daddy for about 2 seconds and this is what happened...

Can you find the baby?!

Peek a boo! (He's standing up in these pics - it was really cute)

Here I am mom! Dad hid me but I escaped!!

Note to self: ANYTHING can happen when Mom isn't around the boys.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Free Tea Time

So thanks to Sarah we received 3 FREE cups of Twinnings Tea. Ty tried the Spiced Apple Chai and I had the Pumpkin Spice Chai. They were yummy and it was so fun to get free tea in the mail. 

Thanks Sarah for sharing this find with us! We had a great "tea time" because of you!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Sky is falling...The Sky is falling

The following pictures look like I've turned them into Sepia prints or like I changed the photo color, but look carefully and you'll see that the grass is still green and Ty is still a normal color.

On October 17, 2011 we had what was called a red billowing cloud of red dust aka a Dust Storm. One second the day was beautiful and the next second...

It was red and dusty. My camera had a layer of dust on it just from being outside for a few minutes! It was awful! I came across this article saying that we may see more of these due to the drought Texas has been experiencing.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Trail

We took Tabor to the Pumpkin Trail. There were nearly 2,000 pumpkins that were donated by various groups and individuals from around town. 

Tabor had a halloween shirt on but we forgot to unzip his hoodie so we'll have to take more pumpkin pics.

There were all kinds of different pumpkins and pumpkin scenes.

I tried to get a shot of his cute face as he stared at all the pumpkins but instead I got the deer in the headlights look. Ha! Those ears are so cute!

People did all kinds of crazy things to the pumpkins. There were lots of cute ones.

My favorite was the Girl Scouts! They had pumpkins inside a tent with little feet carved out to make it look like they were in there sleeping. So cute! The camera's flash kinda took away from the effect but it was so dark you couldn't see anything but the little flickering feet.

Then each Girl Scout made a pumpkin too. It was really cute!

We sat Tbo down with a pumpkin but since there was no light had to guess when he might be looking. I think even strangers walking by were trying to get his attention. ha!

Poor baby! We love setting him places now that he can sit just to take cute pics! ha

He even made a new friend. Jacko L. Tern

They were instant friends.

At this point it was getting close to bedtime so we snapped a pic at the end and headed out.

Ty found his favorite pumpkin right at the end so we snapped a pic of him with the cool Captain America pumpkin. We'll have to make you one like this next year Ty!

We had a lot of fun! Especially since Tabor counts on his nightly walks now - this was a fun change of scenery. When we left though the line to get in was miles long so we lucked out by getting there early! Thanks Bella Boo for telling us about this fun event!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The day of BOOKS!

One of our new favorite books is called The Read Aloud Handbook. It's a book about reading books. :-) We loved it though and we highly recommend it. If anything the list in the back of the book makes buying the book worth it. We've added some really amazing books to Tabor's bookshelf so far!

In case you're interested our top favorites right now are:

1. Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney
2. Over in the Garden by Jennifer Ward
3. The Napping House by Audrey Wood
4. Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett
5. The Day the Babies Crawled Away by Peggy Rathmann

That's just to name a few! We love every single book we own!!

So when our local library posted that they were having a huge book sale we made our "Date Night" a book shopping date. What was even better was that my mom had the day off so she stayed with Tabor so we could go shopping together.

We walked into the library and they sent us downstairs. (We also became Friends of the Library and might volunteer to help teach people to read next summer once Tabor is older) We couldn't believe the amount of books that were for sale! We filled a sack and had a blast picking out books for Tabor and ourselves.

Seriously probably one of the most fun dates we've ever had. OK not true the David Crowder Band concert  a few weeks ago was pretty amazing too! We love that we don't miss a date night now!

Once we went through them all we signed up for our library cards and then grabbed a Starbucks on our way back home. See it was perfect! (By the way I am now a GOLD Starbucks card member - actually I should've been last year but my card was a UK card and wasn't working properly until now. Either way I'm GOLD now!!)

We also ordered some books for Tabor from Amazon that came in yesterday too. So we took a pic of his new book collection.

We even found a Texas Tech kids book to start pushing him to go to Texas Tech. :-) My favorite part was that the football player had his arm around the Tri-Delt :-)

Tabor liked all his books so much, Wanna see just how much...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Clover's 1st Birthday Cake

Mandi came into town for her niece Clover's first birthday and she asked me to help her make a cake. How could I resist getting to hang out with Mandi AND making a cake.

I started baking the cakes on Thursday. My mom stayed up until 2am baking with me. We made 8 cakes! (Actually she stayed up mopping the floors so I went to bed before her. I told her not to bother because we'd have to mop again after decorating but she likes her kitchen clean.)

Tabor and I ran to Michaels in the morning to get a few last minute supplies and then we started decorating the cakes after lunch once Mandi got in town. Her sister-in-law, Kimberly, & the birthday girl Clover came too! It was fun spending time together and decorating!! (Clover was so cute all dressed in pink with little squeaker shoes!)

The most fun part was the bottom pillow layer. We needed Sarah to measure and help us but we improvised and it turned out ok. I gave up trying to use the ruler and make it perfect and I think it turned out better that way. A little pearl was added to each corner which made it even cuter.

The top layer was covered in white fondant and spray painted with gold edible spray paint. (That was fun!) Mandi added the decorations on the top. Everyone made fondant roses (even Kimberly who was certain she wouldn't be able to make them) They turned out so pretty! Especially once we painted them with shimmer. (yes with vodka but the alcohol evaporated before any kids ate it!)

The middle layer was covered in white fondant and Mandi painted silver shimmer dust all over it. It turned out amazing! We added pink and gold stripes.

The finished product...turned out really cute!! I'll update it with more pictures once I get them but for now here's what I have. It's an iPhone pic but you get the idea! 

Clover we hope you loved your first birthday cake.

Of course NO first birthday is complete with a SMASH CAKE! So here's Clover's (aka Clo Clo) smash cake. I hope they got a shot of her smashing into it. I'll post that if they send it to me too. This is a chocolate cake carved in the shape of a clover and covered in lots of pink buttercream. Clo was written in pearls. YUM!

Happy first birthday Clover! We had fun making your cakes and Mandi I can't wait to make you a BABY SHOWER CAKE!! Congrats girl!! Only a few more days until we know if it'll be blue or pink!!

Note: My mom is now giving me a hard time saying that Tabor's 1st bday cake had better be awesome. Ha, by then I'll probably be tired of baking. Haha! Honestly though I can't come up with a theme! So if anyone has any suggestions send them my way!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Ty called Graham to catch up the other day and when he mentioned he and Allie would be in Austin for the weekend Ty asked if we could meet up. So 2 days before the weekend we decided we'd hop in the car for another road trip.

It was even more fun because my mom overheard the conversation and showed up, bags packed ready to go in the kitchen. We had NO idea where she was going until she proudly stated that she'd informed Ilka & Kuky to meet us in Austin. (My mom is so cute)

So to Austin we went. We had a fun roadtrip there - Tabor is becoming a travel-pro! He stayed on his regular schedule throughout the car ride and even fell asleep at bedtime. He woke up when we arrived, gave Graham & Allie a few smiles and then zzzz back to sleep he went. (We decided we could throw away the receipts because we think we'll keep him now)

Friday night we left him with the grandparents and went and spent some time with Graham & Allie. It was SO SO great to see them!

Then Saturday Ilka, Kelly-O, Alex & Michael drove down and met the little T-bo. He of course LOVED them right away. Aunt Ilka he loves you so much - I promise we won't let Abuiki teach him to call you Aunt Caca. ha!

Michael (aka the babysitter) dressed him in all his toys. Very fashionable Michael.

They got along very well. A little too well. These guys will be trouble together someday.

Kuky drove down later in the day and we played outside in the Arboretum while we waited for our bread to be delivered.

I love Tabor's spikey hair in this picture. No we did not plan to dress him and dad alike.

Thanks Kuky for this cute picture! We loved it.

Kuky's cute little Matthew cuddled up with Tabor. He's an amazing little dancer too!

Then there was Jonathan who is precious as can be but also...very mischievious. haha

Tabor loved his aunt Kuky so much!

The cool guys taught us about "planking" and we dared them to do a 3-layer plank on top of the statue. So here they are "planking" in the arboretum 3-layers high. Yes Ty helped Matthew get up on top.

During Tabor's afternoon nap we did a bit of sightseeing in Austin and got to see the Capitol with Graham and Allie. It was so neat! We even joined the tour and learned a lot! It was really fun!

That night they left to go to a wedding. I snapped a few pics of them of course. They are just too cute!!

We love you guys!! (and miss you tons!)

Sorry I made you pose, but thanks for doing it! I think these turned out so fun!

On Sunday we hung out with everyone before heading back to L-town. Tabor played with everyone before falling asleep in the car.

Here's a pic of Allie & Tabor. Allie, Tabor needs a Boston Buddy!!

We got a pic of Tabor with Kristin. I think the 2nd shot is funny. He loves making faces.

Kristin, we can't wait to see a curly-haired mini you someday too!

Then Tbo took pics with Uncle Graham. He really misses you guys now!

I think he's trying to hug you here Uncle G.

Had to take a group shot before we left. (Yes Ty and Tabor are dressed alike again. I promise this was NOT planned!!)

Tabor learned a new trick that day too. How to eat his shoes. I tasted them to see what was so exciting. I couldn't figure it out.

First he touches his toes and checks to see if anyone is watching...

Then he moves in for the bite...

Finally, he reaches his goal. Leather in the mouth. YUM!

We had a great time in Austin. We wish it could've been longer, but we'll be back soon and hopefully we'll make a trip to Boston soon too! We love you guys!!