Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Titus 7 months

Sweet little Titus time just won't stand still and now neither will you! You are what we call our little rolly polly. Rolling from tummy to back & back to tummy. We've just moved so it's fun to watch you roll all around in the empty spaces that we haven't filled yet.

A few things about you:

Squealing super loud - you imitate us and sounds so if something sounds like a squeal off you go and then you wait to hear the next sound we want you to copy. We believe you'll be a talker. Awesome. ;)

Laughing loud - we have found a few ticklish spots (neck for sure, tummy and legs) and you laugh so hard when we mess with you.

Laugh when you look at your brother - he LOVES this. Your little eyes light up. We love this too.

Eating solids
-bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, oatmeal, prunes, peaches, mum mums - sorry we've been in transition so although you prefer all the yummy things I make you've also had a lot of cereal and squeezy pouches. You don't seem to mind as long as you get food though!

Chew your sippy and won't take a bottle. I haven't tried the bottle thing very much though because I just haven't needed to. You have had water out of your sippy but mostly you just chew on it. You love your sippy cup though.

Suck on the tags of your blanket just like your brother. I don't know what it is but Aden & Anais must have some tasty blanket tags. You suck on the actual blanket too and cover your face with it. It scared us at first. We couldn't see you in your bed on the monitor because everything was white and we would go in and uncover you. We finally gave up because you would just cover yourself again. We are happy these blankets are so thin!

Get mad if we take something away from you - you're strong will is starting to show. You are usually very easy going though so this catches us by surprise from time to time.

Love when Tabor gets in your face or lays on top of you. We were always so scared he was hurting you but you just laugh. You love it. You love playing with your big brother.

Oh and you can sit now. Without falling. Actually I don't think you've ever fallen. You have however been pushed. Tabor did say sorry though.

We love you Titus. I could hold you all day. You are so cuddly and sweet. You smile non-stop now especially when someone looks at you.

You take 2 naps a day, wear size 2 shoes still, size 6-12 month clothes. You're growing so fast. We love you so much and love how much your little personality is starting to shine through each day. We are having such a blast with you and are so blessed that God has given you to us. You are such a sweet little man. Thank you for for brightening our day every day.