Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year...the cakeballs roll on

New Year's Eve we had breakfast with Tim & Marlene (thank you SO SO SO much for such an amazing breakfast to both of you!!)

Ty and I had been talking about how we had forgotten to buy an ornament for 2010 the day before (which is very uncharacteristic of us) and much to our surprise Tim & Marlene had a surprise waiting for us!

Cakeball Ornaments!
Danielle is the chocolate one, Tabor is the white snowman & Ty is the cakeball with the "stach"

They also gave us Reiny the Reindeer. The traditional Pitchford Christmas reindeer :-)

We had a lot of cakeballs to roll for an order that night so I begged everyone to help me roll once we finished eating.

Tim won the award of Employee of the Month for the month of December. He was a pro on his first try! Seriously a pro!

Tim Pitchford Kruffles Employee of the month

Marlene has been a pro for months now. Take a look at how round & organized her cakeballs are!

Gooftroop also has his rolling down to an art, but he loves to play around and pop them in his mouth still. You have to watch him carefully! Ha! Not really! My hubby has been a huge help lately! I don't know what I'd do without him!

Ty threatening to eat another one!

We got them all finished so fast! Thanks again to all my New Years Eve helpers! I couldn't have done it without you! Thanks for the breakfast & the ornaments Tim & Marlene! We love you guys!!!

We hope everyone's New Years is full of many wonderful blessings! Happy 2011!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Buon Natale / Merry Christmas

Buon Natale = Merry Christmas (in Italian)

We stayed in Los Angeles for Christmas this year and although when the decision was made we thought we would be sad, lonely and homesick it turned out to be a great Christmas. Despite all the "I'll be home for Christmas songs" that the radio decided to play (this has now become a joke because we heard every version of this song everytime we turned on the radio station).

What actually happened was our friends from Italy - Luis, Melissa & their precious son Enrique came to visit us during the holidays! We had such an amazing time with them! Being together again was such a blessing and an amazing gift. Also, I have to say that having a kid around during Christmas time really makes the season that much more special. Watching Enrique open gifts and listening to his happy sighs and laughter was wonderful!

Here are a few pics from their trip!
American breakfast at Martha's on the beach!

December in Los Angeles! What a beautiful day!

Enrique's FIRST time to see the beach!

Melissa & Enrique having a great time in Hermosa Beach

Ty building sand castles whild Godzilla destroys them.

The sandcastle destroyer...Enrique & the smashball paddle

Ty couldn't build them fast enough!

Luis helping Ty move our stuff closer to the water.

A natural surfer dude. At first he wouldn't get out of the chair because he wasn't sure of the sand.

The other 2 boys building Smashball City.

Smashball City before Godzilla discovered it.

The Albini family in Hermosa Beach

Christmas lights in Sleepy Hollow (Melissa & Enrique fell asleep in Sleepy Hollow)

Christmas Eve service at Hope Chapel. Can you spot Ty in the back?! Our Pastor did an AMAZING job of reminding us what this season is all about. Yes family & friends make it extra special, but knowing that Jesus is our Savior is what it is all about. Thank you God for everything you have given us!

Christmas at Tim & Marlene's house! I love this pic!!

 As usual Marlene had a BEAUTIFUL setup!

Enrique slept most of the night (poor little guy was SO jet-lagged!) but he woke up in time to see Santa & get some presents! He then asked about "Babo Natale" for the next 2 days. It was so cute!

A SUPER happy little Enrique!

Christmas Eve at Tim & Marlene's was INCREDIBLE!!

Snuggling up at the dinner table!

We LOVE you Tim & Marlene! Thanks for inviting us!

Christmas morning! Opening our stockings in our Christmas pajamas!

Watching Enrique was so much fun!

Baby Tabor got tons of great gifts! His kicked and kicked wanting to come out to play with all his toys!

Merry Christmas from the Famiglia Albini!

Merry Christmas from the Touchstones.

MOLS & TITS all together again!

Christmas Day at the Glass Church in Palos Verdes after an amazing Fondue Brunch at Craig & Stacy's house!

What's there to say about this picture?! It says it all! Everything is MO7S!
(The MO7S story is...when Luis & Melissa were on their honeymoon in London, Luis was trying to learn as much English as possible so he would read everything he saw. When he saw a sign that said MO7S he said "What is MOLS?" we were really confused until we realized he meant the words SLOW that were written on the floor of our parking garage. Ever since then MO7S is our word.)

After Christmas sale shopping in Santa Monice! Melissa bought her first pair of UGGS!

The monkeys at the San Diego Zoo.

More really cute monkeys!

Enrique, Tabor & Danielle playing with the monkeys.

Melissa & Danielle in front of the Tigers. Can't you see them?! (Neither could we)

Ty practicing how to be a daddy! Enrique made it easy!

ALl of us at the Hippo Beach. We LOVED the San Diego Zoo!

Ty caught in an elephant stampede.

Enrique hanging out with the seals & Polar bears.

Prego Danielle taking a much needed break. Walking that much was hard work! 
Watching the sunset in Coronado Island.

Luis & Melissa at Hotel Del Coronado aka "The Del" in Coronado Island.

The beautiful sunset.

Father & Son playing in the sand!

The Touchstones watching the sunset. (aka resting)

The walk of fame in Hollywood.

There are hundreds more pics but this should just about cover it! Thanks Luis, Melissa & Enrique for such a memorable Christmas. We love you guys! Thanks for making this Christmas so special!