Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Trey & Katie's Wedding

Trey and Katie are married! The wedding was beautiful. The day was gorgeous. It rained after the ceremony so the sky was amazing. I love these pictures. (photo credit: Svetlana Photography)

We had a great weekend in Fredricksburg. We ate great food and walked through the little shops. Fredricksburg is so much fun. We spent most of the days framing baby pictures of the happy couple, putting together gift bags for guests and searching for the visitors center which happened to be located in Fredricksburg, Virginia. HA! We still managed to get the correct visitors brochures into the gift bags prior to delivery.

So sweet. Love these two.

They kept the wedding small and sweet. Here's a group pic of everyone there! We've also had fun celebrating their marriage through many showers and receptions.

Such handsome Touchstone brothers. I love these guys.

These two cuties were the dinner entertainment. Tabor loves his new cousins!

 Our family cleans up well. Here we are all matching. Wish we'd gotten a pic from the rehearsal dinner. I guess it's another chance to wear that outfit! :-)

Another Touchstone brother pic. 

 Nona and her grandbabies. They love their Nona.

They didn't want to miss a shot apparently.

Here's what they were taking pics of. Cake was yummy! I heart cake.

Of course this is one of my favorite pictures. I love fun ways to capture the rings! Love this.

These girls are just too precious! Love that we'll be seeing them more often they're so sweet and so is their new little brother.

Here's a cute video of Tabor and Presley dancing.

I'll try to upload the wedding video soon or at least the part where Tabor steals Mema's cane and runs through the video while the wedding party walks in and gets tackled at the end by Ann. Great times. Thanks Tabor for adding some comedy to the video. ;-)

Congratulations to Trey & Katie. We love you guys and wish you a lifetime of blessings.

Here's the wedding video - don't worry if all you want is to just catch Tabor's debut and the bride walking out - it's all within the first minute or so.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mother of the Year Nominee

I have been nominated for the Mother of the Year 2013 award. See for yourself if I deserve the nomination.

I may actually win the award with this one. Sorry Titus. Your brother never climbed so I did not expect you to.

Disclaimer: No babies were harmed in the making of this video. (I made sure before I posted it)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Meeting Baby Hope

Baby Hope is here! (back in January - I'm a few months late I know!)

We took a trip to Virginia to meet sweet little Baby Hope Lynn Sanders. I'm living vicariously through the Sanders since I probably will only have sweet, stinky little boys :-) (God if that is what you send us I promise I will be thrilled and love them all to bits- no hard feelings) but still I can't help but love on every one else's baby girl!

She is precious and we had a blast getting to meet her, and getting to play with Gabriel (he and Tabor LOVED playing together!) and we had a blast having adult time when the boys & babies napped or slept! 

The boys loved getting to read together and we all loved taking turns being the reader!

These boys picked up right where they left off last November. They laughed and played from the moment they woke up (literally yelling each other's names to wake each other up) until bedtime when they were too tired to peep.

They spent tons of time searching for their belly buttons, playing earmuffs, playing trains and running around outside.

We went to the zoo, shopped, ate great food and played with our sweet little kiddos! Tabor loves being in pictures so much I had to pick him him up and face him towards the camera. ha

The boys loved doing everything together.

Here's our attempt at a group shot! We are all in it even if you can't see everyone (Baby Hope & Baby Titus were sleeping)

We all worked on our tummy time and strengthened our neck muscles together. ;)

We tried to stage pics of the boys but well... Tabor always has a different plan.

Sweet Baby Hope was so much fun to cuddle with. She was just too precious. I can't wait to see her again. Look at this cute little girl!

Hope and Titus loved getting to coo together. It was love at first site. :)

The men were able to escape and go see Third Day in concert which was only fair since us girls escaped everyday during nap time to go shopping!

We even got to ride the train at the mall after shopping and eating lunch!

Oh Tabor will you ever cooperate for a picture?! ha!

I spoke too soon - I guess he did smile at the camera afterall. Look at these two cute boys. I love them.

Thank you Sanders family for such a fun time. We love you all so much and had such a blast getting to meet your precious new Baby Hope. She is such a joy and we cannot wait to be a part of her life as she grows up (just like we can't wait to be a part of Gabriel's).

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy SUPER(hero) Halloween

I love holidays. Halloween is no different. I love to play dress up my boys! I hope they always let me play dress up with them. ;-)

Tabor was our little Captain America (which of course made his dad so super happy) We were going for a family of Avengers but Ty & I opted out at the last year though we are ALL dressing up!

Ok the look on Tabor's face is..."cheese...I'm doing this for chocolate."

Titus is in character...being The HULK. Ok and glaring at Cali the dog wondering if she was coming his way.

Oh how I love my little Superheroes. Captain America is trying to smash the Hulk's foot in this picture ha.

We had such a blast dressing up and going to the Campbell's house for Frito Pie, dessert and trick or treating! It was so much fun.

I love my little trick or treaters. Little did we realize that Titus was picking up a piece of glass and sticking it in his mouth. This little guy is sneaky sneaky.

Oh Titus the look of concern is more of fear of being caught than of having glass in your mouth.

This was the first year that Tabor actually understood what was happening. It started off with us telling him to ring the doorbell, instructing him to say "trick or treat", reminding him to take only one piece and then to say thank you for his candy. We then had to explain that we didn't get to eat the candy until the end (what a cruel trick since the parent's then go through the stash and eat all the good stuff ha). By the end of the night he was running to the door, saying trick or treat, asking for extra candy "for my brother" (who has 2 bottom teeth only), then thanking them for being awake and informing them he has to hurry and get more candy at the next house. Ty and I thought it was really funny how quickly he figured out how to work the system. Titus sat in the wagon sucking on his blankie. We should've dressed him up as Linus. All in all - a very fun halloween night! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Our little Pumpkins

Oh fall. How I love fall time. I love pumpkins. I love to eat them in every and anything. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin spice lattes. Oh I could go on forever I just love it.

I LOVE going to pumpkin patches and I LOVE pictures of my little pumpkins holding even smaller pumpkins. I love that it leads in to my next favorite season CHRISTmas!!!

I love being thankful. I love counting my blessings. Thank you God for these sweet little pumpkins!

Tabor found the perfect pumpkin. He named it "punky" - Punky now sits on our doorstep.

Punky-head - He was so proud of his pumpkin choice. Oh I love this little guy!

How long can I dress them alike!? ha! Ok Ok I'll stop!!! (maybe)

Titus loved the pumpkins. He tried to eat all the stems and sit on top of them all.

Ok there was also an added bonus about going to this Pumpkin Patch...there was a Market Street down the street! We spent just as long shopping and eating lunch there as we did touring the pumpkin patch!

My little pumpkin is ONE. (I figure if I keep saying it I will believe it eventually)

Oh Shelly Belly...we love you so! These boys have such a blast with you. MOVE TO TEXAS! You belong here :-)

Shelly Belly and I went through the corn maze. We were HORRIBLE at it. I hope we are never stranded in a corn maze together without another family to follow. They were eating popcorn and we were hoping they'd drop a trail for us. They were a little annoyed that we followed them out- this was a pic of us pretending not to follow them. ha!

What do you do with cornstalks?? Decorate with them?

Yay for Boo & Kiki being here with us and Shelly Belly too!! We love you guys!

Happy Fall time from our little pumpkins (or as Tabor used to say it "cunkin"

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Very Hungry Caterpillar named Titus

It's PARTY TIME! Titus here are some pics from your first birthday party!

Your invitations were SUPER cute (thanks Aunt Mon). We went with the very hungry caterpillar because are a very hungry little boy. You eat EVERYTHING. Literally. Every. Thing.

So this was appropriate. We kept your party small and invited family only. It turned out great! We loved it and you loved it. 

We kept it small but I still went all out. I LOVE parties AND your baby's FIRST birthday is one of the most important milestones in your life. So although you may not remember it...I will NEVER forget it. AND since there are pictures you will see how special we tried to make it for you.

The place setting was fun. We followed the story in the book. On Monday he ate an apple, on Tuesday 2 pears, on Wednesday 3 plums (plums are not in season so we went with grapes at the last minute), 4 strawberries and on Friday 5 oranges, but as he was still hungry... we added donuts and cake!

We brought in Shipley's donuts - oh how we love these and we also had Starbucks coffee (I already said this party was more for me than you- ha these are all your momma's favorite things!)

We hung lanterns from the ceiling and covered the floor in balloons. I did not do a good job taking pictures sorry!

See the cute food labels Aunt Mon made. Oh I just love how it all turned out!!

Here's your cake. I have to point out that on the back are the 3 plums and also a red apple. They were so cute...I forgot to take a picture of the back. I am so sorry. We were up until 3am making your cake so a few things slipped my mind the next day. but I LOVE how it turned out! The pictures just don't do it justice!

We gave you your smash cake again. You were a happy camper (no really this is you happy) haha Like I've said before you smile and then go back to looking serious in seconds. ;-) I love you.

You did so well. You loved eating all the fruit, the donuts, the crackers and cake. You loved opening your presents all by yourself (your brother was having a sugar high moment and couldn't quite control himself so he was fired from helping you) and you loved all your guests. It was such a special day. Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make this so special. This momma couldn't be more grateful. And a shout out to God for making this day possible. :-)