Friday, February 18, 2011

Showered with blessings at Raytheon

Ty's office threw us a joint baby shower with one of his co-workers Minan. She and I are due the same day, but she is pregnant with a little girl. So the race is on!

His co-workers were SO sweet to do this and to even get me a special clearance in order to enter the Raytheon building. I felt so special! I got to see Ty's office for the first time EVER! How weird is it that I have never seen my husband's office!

They had a lunch for us catered in that was DELICIOUS and then topped it off with a BECKERS cake!I looove Beckers!

Tabor's cake was a chocolate/vanilla marble cake with a buttercup filling and a chocolate buttercream icing on the outside. It was AMAZING! Baby Girl Chung's cake was red velvet with cream cheese filling and a buttercream outside. Also delicious but the marble was my favorite!

Here's some of the guests. They were all so nice to do this for us. God has put some amazing people in our lives and has provided us with so many wonderful blessings in preparation for Tabor's arrival.

A special thanks to Angie King & Paulyn Beyan for arranging it all! (and a special thanks to Ty for taking the picture of me stuffing my face below)

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