Friday, July 2, 2010

New Challenges

Well my Product Developer LOVES giving me new ideas AND especially new challenges. Last week she (Marlene) requested I make a "tower of cakeballs" for a friend's birthday.

Well...I did.

I then texted this picture to her and called her in a panic. Her Cakeball Tower looked like a pile of poo.

Even her husband replied, "Quick someone find the escaped Camel!"

Everyone's suggestions were to change it up and make it look different, but I stood strong. I KNEW she had something in mind so I waited until she finished her meetings and talked to her about it. She wanted a Cakeball Croquembouche...aha clear as mud!

I googled Croquembouche and found out it was a pile of cream puffs (or macarons or profiterols) and was actually a beautiful dessert in France served at weddings and important events. Usually they decorate it with spun sugar and I believe they are a more golden color so the next one will be a bit closer to the real Croquembouche image, but I think for the first attempt it turned out really great!

I just needed to disect Marlene's brain to get the image out of her mind and into mine! I've blogged about it on the TST blog and now here are a few pictures of Marlene & Tim with their first ever Cakeball Croquembouche!

Thanks Marlene! You have a VERY creative eye! One I couldn't live without!!

Presenting the NEW Cakeball Crouqembush:

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  1. Thank you, Danielle! Maybe I gave you a bigger challenge than usual (because this time I wasn't very clear with my vision - sorry!) but, as always, you did a beautiful job!! You are my little cakeball artiste and I love you for hanging in there when everyone else (even my loving hubby!)was telling you to scrap my idea.

    I'm thinking next time we should try...