Friday, July 9, 2010

Painting trees

I've got a new love for trees!

A friend of mine was talking about the new wall decal she was going to purchase and when she told me the price I said I would paint it for free if she preferred! I did mention I was no pro and that it would be the first tree that I've ever painted on a wall, but she was brave enough to let me try. She hasn't posted it on her blog though so I'll post an update here next week when she has a finished picture of the nursery (her shower is tomorrow so she is waiting for all her new gifts to finish Baby Liam's room!)

Here's a sneak peak (although since it was at night there wasn't much light and my iphone doesn't have a flash) so you'll have to wait until her post for a better picture.

Another friend saw it and asked if I could do it again. She was brave too considering I was sure it was a fluke that the first one turned out so well. Actually, I'll give credit where credit is due. It wasn't me at all. It was definitely all God! I started painting Stacy's tree last night without praying and nothing was coming together and we had to start over, but after I prayed for the tree here's what we got:

The best part of both the trees is that under the paint is actually a little prayer written in the tree trunk that will forever be there! Here's a link to Stacy's post if you want to see us hard at work painting until 1am.

We put the crib in front of the tree and were super happy with the results!

Check back next week to see the finished product of Baby Liam's room once Rachel finishes putting it all together!

Thanks to Rachel & Stacy for letting me come over and paint all over your walls! Thanks also for helping me! There is NO way I could have painted those by myself! (We'd probably STILL be painting!)

I hope Baby Liam & Baby Evelyn love their new walls!


  1. i want a tree! can you come over and paint one in my new house?

  2. you are super woman. is there anything you're NOT good at?!?!? seriously. it must stress you out being so good at everything! =)