Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How we told our families!

We had it all planned out. We weren't going to tell anyone until AFTER we'd seen the doctor.

Yea right!

We talk to our parents nearly everyday! AND I'm an open book- I hide nothing. :-)

So we decided to at least do it in a fun way. I bought supplies at Michaels, painted wooden frames (in green since we can't do pink or blue yet) and using wooden letters spelled out I love my grandma/grandpa & aunt.

The poem in the middle said:

I do not have a face to see,
Or put inside a frame.
I do not have soft cheeks to kiss,
I don't yet have a name.
You can't hold my tiny hand,
nor whisper in my ear.
It's still too soon to sing a song
or cuddle me so near.
But all will change come April time, when they say I'm due,
I'm your new grandson or granddaughter,
I can't wait til I meet you.

Then we mailed them. That's when the torture began.

Telling my parents was torture because my dad didn't get home until late that night. He sent me a text to say the package had arrived that morning, but he had instructions to wait and open it with my mom. So I waited ALL day and finally at midnight they opened it together. My mom didn't have her contacts in so when she saw it she said- "Oh is this for your grandpa" (since he was there visiting) then my dad started reading the little poem and about halfway through my mom says, "You're pregnant!" It was really sweet!

Kyle was really happy to hear the good news and said we'd make great parents! I hope you're right Kyle! We obviously are clueless about everything that is coming up! We are super excited though and know God will guide us in every step of the way! And we know that we have our families to help out!! It was fun seeing his reaction and watching him show it off to his office. We'll fill it with a picture soon enough!!

Flo was the first to know, but she also left us in suspense. She had just gone to dinner at Micah and Cameron's and had eaten a delicious salad that she had wanted to make for her lunch the next day. So she was on her way to Market Street. I knew the package was at her house and it was already around 8-9pm so I told her just to call me when she was home. Well she ended up going to 2 or 3 different stores looking for this salad dressing leaving us to pace back and forth waiting for her call. She finally calls and is STILL not home and still talking about the salad dressing! HA! I am excited to try it but it was so hard to keep talking knowing that she was minutes away from opening it. We finally told her she might have a package waiting and we were on the phone while she opened it and learned she would soon become a grandmother! She was so excited!

Ok this had to be the most suspenseful of them all. Stephanie goes to the gym before going home after work which means that her apartment office is closed by the time she gets home. Which means if she has a package and they forget to tell her she can't check or ask them because they are not there. I knew the package had arrived on a Monday but she didn't get a notice about it. On Tuesday she still had no notice and no package. My mom decided to tell her it was Cakeballs and that they needed to be put in the fridge or they would go bad so she made Stephanie call the office and check. Stephanie had planned to check on SATURDAY! I'm so glad my mom intervened. The office staff put the package in her apartment for her but she still got home late because she had just joined a new Boot Camp class at the gym. It was torture! I was on the phone with her when she got home and she got the package. She nearly didn't open it because she said it wasn't a cakeball box. I had to lie and tell her they were smaller and different than usual. She instantly started crying when she opened it and realized what it was. It was really special.

We learned our lesson after that. We decided Tanner & Trey probably didn't want big green frames with a poem inside so we picked up the phone and just called to tell them our good news. It was SO MUCH LESS STRESSFUL! The frames were fun, but we couldn't go through that again!

Trey was so happy. He too was so excited that God could fill all our lives with such joy when so much craziness was going on. He instantly wanted to be called Uncle Frankenstein. For the sole reason that the kid wouldn't be able to say that so he would be Uncle Weinkenstein. ha!

Tanner was so much fun to tell. Ty did most of the talking and went for the shock and awe approach, but later he called to congratulate me separately which was really special. Tanner you are a great big brother! He said he would be in charge of teaching our kid a. how to pick up chicks or b. how to "sport" guys aka stay away from the bad ones and c. how to wrestle for defense purposes ONLY! I just know after a week with Tanner this poor mommy will be pinned to the ground by one of these cool new wrestling moves! ha!

We are so excited for Baby T! We'll keep everyone posted on details as he/she grows!

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