Monday, June 6, 2011

Goodbye Ya'll

So after we rescheduled a surprise party (one that we weren't aware of) a few times our friends still managed to surprise us.

The amazing cake chef managed to bake a cake in the shape and even size of Texas! Seriously this cake was HUGE!

Here's a pic before she iced & covered it in fondant.

Here's the amazing finished product. Sarah you're so talented! We especially loved the flag that showed where in Texas we are moving to.

Then the Party Planning Queen Marlene (with Tim's help of course!) planned an amazing going away party!

She researched Texas sayings and printed out signs for everyone to hold for us to remember them by. They all made Danielle/Tabor faces to show how sad they were that we were leaving. I should've wondered why Marlene started "talkin Texan" all of a sudden.

Here's everyone's Texas sayin and sad face.

Marlene & Tim

Erin & Jet

Veronica & Jordan

The Burns fam

Heidi & Tom

Fellow Lubbockites Gred & Mandi

Richard & Sarah

Rose & Tabor

We love all these pics! Not sure it's possible to pick a favorite! We are going to miss all those faces! (even those that aren't pictured above will be greatly missed!)

The drunkard skunkard (not really) - Ty just loves making this face while holding wine glasses.

Here's a pic of the cake lovers! We heart cake! Especially when it's the size of Texas!!!

Thanks to all our amazing friends that surprised us. I really believed we were going over there for a movie night and nearly showed up in sweats & slippers! Good thing Sarah insisted that I didn't change! We have loved our time in Los Angeles and are going to miss everyone more than words can ever say. I hope I stop crying soon. I know that God has amazing things in store for us but it really is hard to leave "ya'll". You've all been such an important part of our lives and the good thing is I am certain this isn't goodbye! We can't wait to see ya'll again soon!


  1. You were so blessed by such great friends there! I volunteer to go back with you whenever you want to go visit....just not in June!!! Lubbock is So excited that you're back!!!

  2. We love you and miss you!!!! I agree with Sarah, come baaaaaaaack!!!! Double-waaaaaaa!!!!

    And bring Monica!! We would love to meet her. She has been a big part of our party-planning posse :)