Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Veronica & Jordan's shower

Veronica and Jordan are getting married on July 30th in Panama so of course we had to throw them a shower in LA to show them how much we love them!! We wish them the best in their new lives together!

The theme of the shower was Paris Nights. It was a co-ed cocktail party! The champagne & wine bar was so much fun! Marlene you are so creative!

The food was amazing!

The tables were beautiful! The tablecloths were made by Sarah. Marlene found the fabric and Sarah did the hems on them. I ironed and pinned some of them...that was my contribution to this task!

The amazing cake was made by Sarah as well. I was the assistant. I helped make roses and wash dishes ;-)

We set up a photo station and bought props from Michaels. We had a blast taking all kinds of different pictures!

The boys!

The nearly newlyweds!

Tim & Marlene the amazing hosts!

The girls!

The Touchstones & The Pitchfords

Touchstones and the Sanders

Touchstones, nearly Thiele's and Tim!

Veronica and her sister (doesn't this picture look like a pic of a photo?!)

The Touchstone fam including mini me!

All of the Sanders and Touchstones together!

Check out the amazing napkins that Marlene had made! They were so pretty!

Awww...Veronica and Jordan are so cute!

Richard playing with the props!

Tim playing with the props too!

This shower was so much fun! Thanks to everyone who helped host it and Veronica & Jordan we wish you all the best in your new adventure together! We can't wait to see pics from your wedding! We hope you both loved your shower! We love you guys!

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