Saturday, November 5, 2011

Orlando, Florida

What a fun trip. We celebrated my grandmother Mami's 80th birthday with our entire family. It was amazing to have everyone together and to spend it with someone that we all love and admire. All of Mami's 10 children were there along with 17 out of the 25 grand kids and all of the great grand kids.

Isn't my Mami beautiful! I love you so much Mami! I'm so glad we were all able to celebrate your 80th birthday together.

Our little family. Happy to be together.

The photographer was so talented. I love how all these pics turned out and that she took a few of Tabor just for us to have.

My Mami & my Mama! The two women responsible for who I am today. I admire and love these ladies so very much!

My entire crazy family. Mami's 10 children with their spouses and children.

The grandkids. 5 are GREAT grandkids and more are still on their way. Mami & Georgie thank you with blessing us with so much great family.

My favorite pic of Tabor :-)

My grandparents and their 10 kids. What a fun house to grow up in. I love every single one of my aunts and uncles and can't imagine life without them.

My grandparent's holding hands. Awww... I love seeing how much they love each other.

Our family. (Can't wait until those other two start having kiddos too!)

Aww my cute parents. So sweet.

Engagement pics. Domingo was a good sport. ha!

Father and son playing around. Tabor looks like a little man in this picture.

Tabor was having a very heated political conversation with someone apparently. His dad was amused.

This was such a special night. I hope I can link the video we made for Mami soon. We had a blast with everyone and look forward to the next time we're all together again. God truly blessed us with a beautiful family full of so much love. Happy 80th Birthday Mami.

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