Saturday, November 5, 2011

7 Months

Happy 7 Months 
Tabor Nolan

You've been in our life now for over half a year Tabor and I have to say it has been the best 7 months of our lives. Watching you grow and watching how you change each and every day is such a joy to us.

We love all the changes and have agreed that each stage of your life is our new favorite. We are having so much fun with you.


- Are now rolling in one direction (to the right). Over and over. You can do both directions but you prefer the right.

- Are turning 360's on your tummy and try so hard to crawl but instead it just looks like you're swimming on your belly. We're enjoying the last few weeks of you staying in one place because we know it won't be long before you figure it out.

- You've now flown 9 times and you deserve a gold star for your last trip which was to Orlando, Florida. You were so good. You giggled, napped, and just did amazing even though we took 3 flights there and back totaling in 16hrs of travelling. You even adjusted to the time change without a problem. Everyone keeps telling us you're a trick baby. (meaning you'll trick us into having another baby which won't be quite as easy as you are)

- Sleep on your right side. You keep getting stuck in the top corner of your crib though and how you get there is a mystery to us. We had to put the bumpers back in your crib because we were tired of having to come and rescue you in the middle of the night.

-Won't eat baby food from a jar. I've turned you into a food snob. So even in Florida I had to make your food. Luckily you love avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes and egg yolks. All easy foods to make.

-Can sit for a long time now and play. You can't get back onto your tummy or back without face-planting or falling though. Hopefully you'll learn how to do this soon. In Florida you got your first taste of sugar when you hit your head and Virginia stuck a spoonful of sugar into your mouth to stop your crying. I nearly died but what could I do. It worked. ha! (She said it would protect you from Meningitis - how in the world you get that from hitting your head - I have no idea but it must be something she grew up doing in Dominican Republic)

- Have a bald spot on the back of your head. Instead of getting smaller this seems to be getting bigger. You rub your head when you sleep. So that part of your hair is short and the sides are so long it looks like you have side burns.

- Just dropped your 3rd nap and are now down to 4 feedings a day. (3 with solids) Yippee! I love this schedule! We dropped it a few weeks before going to Florida so you'd be used to it and you have done great! So you wake up at 8:30, nap at 10:30, lunch at 12:30, nap from 3-5 and bedtime is around 8 or 8:30.

-LOVE Mum Mums. I think you could eat an entire box in one sitting if we let you.

- Love your new highchair spinning toy and your rolling ball. You also can play in your exersaucer for as long as we leave you there. We also had to buy a new Sophie because we lost her in Orlando and couldn't imagine life without her. Ok really we couldn't imagine a flight without her. She was what stopped you from crying when your ears hurt you. :-) So for everyone's sake Abuiki ran to Toys R Us for a new sophie!

-Play in your playpen and love it. Sometimes with just your rolling ball and sometimes with all your foam blocks. I don't know what your max time is in here because you'd probably stay there all day if we let you. We'll see if that continues once you learn to move around.

Thanks Monica for helping me take these photos! You're amazingly talented! Thanks for editing these pics! If I'd done it they wouldn't have turned out half as cute! Check out Quin's first bday shots that we took that same day. I can't believe how fast these guys grow!


  1. oh danielle, i want to meet tabor to kiss his beautisul face!!!!

  2. I love this little fella! He is the best!!!!! In the blink of an eye, we'll be planning his first birthday =((((((

  3. he is such a cutie daniel! everyone tells us the same thing about Levi---being the trick baby! i can't even remember if i've told you that we have #2 on the memory is slipping. I'll let you know if the rumors are true, or if having great kids is really just due to having great parents....hahah. i kid i kid.