Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tim & Marlene in Texas

Since our schedules have been crazy busy lately and are just about to get even crazier Tim & Marlene decided to come and visit while we all had a weekend free. It actually was great timing because it fell on Marlene's birthday so we were able to all celebrate together!

Tabor and I got up early to be sure and have delicious "Cake" cupcakes ready for the birthday girl's arrival!

Marlene, Tabor & I had lunch at Bless your Heart (my favorite) and the guys surprised us. Tim came dressed as Ty INTO the restaurant! haha! We were stunned and then ran out of there!

We introduced them to the new Pie Bar. YUM! This place is so delicious!

It's a pie in a cup! Seriously it's amazing! We got Pie Bites (the small ones) and were so full afterwards! Trust us though - these are amazing!

Tabor and Tim were pie buddies!

Tabor didn't realize there was deliciousness just inches from his little feet. :-)

A Smores Pie! YUM!!!

The crew getting ready to dig in!

Tim tried to act like he was at Radio Shack but I think even he preferred the pie bar after he tasted it.

For dinner we celebrated Marlene's birthday at the Funky Door! Everyone enjoyed the yummy wine. Everyone but me :-( I can't wait to go back soon!! Overall a pretty successful birthday I think! We had so much fun!

THE funky DOOR! Get it!?

We even visited the South Plains Fair. It was Tabor AND Tim's first time at the fair! Tabor of course loved the music the best.

He cried when we made him leave his new drum set. (Tears ended as soon as he realized we were headed to see animals)

His favorite were the ducks but he loved the sheep too!

Our newspaper said the Strawberry dessert stand was one of the best. I think we tried every other food there except this one. We sampled it and it was just too rich - so we stuck to funnel cake and deep fried milky ways. ha!

Tia Leney got Tabor a guitar which he has NOT put down since. He strums and dances and sings songs. It's the cutest thing ever!

Tim had his first FUNNEL cake with us too! Can't believe it was his first time! We were happy to celebrate though! Fair food is the best!

Tabor and Ty acting silly. This is what too much friend food will do to you.

Tim buying his first funnel cake!! YUM!

We were all about enjoying fall and being as Texas as possible all weekend so we took them to the Corn Maze. Let me just say that if you haven't been it is definitely a must do!

This is what it looks like!! (see the first exit halfway through?! That's as far as I got!)

Marlene & I kept our maps out the entire time (which upset the men) but we were much much happier!

We loved these little signs though! It's good to know we would've been rescued!

Marlene SO proud to have found marker #2! ha! We girls were happy finding each marker and happy to leave halfway as well. haha

Tabor got a prize corn lollipop afterwards. He was sticky sticky but he was so happy he did not care!

We went on a Hay Ride to a pumpkin patch while the men finished the maze. Marlene & Tabor excited at the halfway mark with me so I would not go into labor and so I wouldn't be lonely! :-) We had so much fun!

Tabor in the maze wondering when he could get out of his wagon and RUN!

Tabor loves his tio Tim! (& tia Leney too!)

The Touchstone clan posing in the corn.

Tabor and his Papa in the maze

Marlene happy to have the map back!

Marker #5...I think there were 18 total. Once again Tabor just wanted to run free.

If you came across Tabor in the month of October you would know "cunkins" were all this kid could talk about. Seeing as how he LOVES balls AND the color orange...we should have seen this coming. He still asks about the "cunkins"

He also tried to feed the animals. I am glad he still has all his fingers.

Tia Leney & Tabor on the hayride. (pointing at "cunkins")

Before we left the men climbed the rock wall BAREFOOT! These guys are crazy! We smarties stayed firmly on the ground! Ok but look how hardcore they look! We were impressed!

Seriously Tim looks like he belongs on the cover of some cool adventure sports magazine!

Ty too!

Haha had to get a wedgie shot!

Tabor drove his first tractor.

AND...Tim & Marlene experienced their first dust storm. The weather was hot and beautiful and suddenly...dirt was flying and the sky was orange. ha! Welcome to Lubbock, Texas!

There's never a dull moment when we all get together. Thanks for coming to visit us. We love you more than words could ever say and we loved getting to spend time together like before. It's never long enough so we can't wait until we convince you both to retire in Texas! ;-) You do have to come back now to meet Baby Titus!

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