Sunday, October 14, 2012

One year and a half

In the past 6 months so much has happened. Tabor you have gone from a baby to a toddler and literally transformed before our eyes.

You crawled on all fours (instead of land swimming) on the day you turned 1 and today you not only walk but RUN! It's only been a short 4 months since you even took your first steps and to watch you dance and climb just amazes us.

You've been talking for a long time now but we love the new words and phrases you put together. I started writing every word you said but after about 50 I gave up. You are such a chatterbox. You love to string 2 words together and not a day goes by that you don't show us every animal sound you have learned. This is probably our favorite thing to do with you and you've been doing it for a couple of months now adding new sounds from time to time.

Your newest accomplishment (if we can call it that) is spelling your name. Granted we won't give you THAT much credit because really you are just repeating us, but in the last few days if we ask you to spell your name you say T and then wait for the rest of the letters so you can repeat them!

You can recognize a T, an O and a B. However you refuse to learn A and R. haha Your favorite letter though is T and you point it out in EVERY sign you see.

You love Nemo, Turtles, and ducks.

You cannot go to sleep without sucking on the tag of your Aden & Anais blankets. We have had to teach you not to pull it out of your crib because you will walk all over the house sucking on the tag and trip yourself.

You dance all day long. If you hear music you start dancing. If you don't hear music you go turn it on so you can dance. Your hips start moving, you clap to the beat and your right foot stomps. Sometimes you even turn in circles. We love watching you dance.

You LOVE your wooden and blow up guitar. You strum and dance and sing your own version of "Jesus loves me". You even close your eyes like our praise & worship leader at church. We love this!

You tell us Nite Nite and Amo (te amo = I love you in Spanish) every night before you go to bed.

You clasp your hands together to pray and say amen after the prayer ends. This is really sweet. You used to hold our hands but now you hold your own.

You are obsessed with pumpkins. You call them "cunkins" and you wake up every morning asking for them.

You are still a great eater. You do not like mac n cheese, pizza or any normal kid food however. You will eat sushi, salmon, rice with brussels sprouts, spinach, kale, and you love bread. Breakfast is hit or miss - you sometimes love eggs and sometimes will only take a bite. You do love starbucks pumpkin bread and Rise & Shine donut holes. Probably should never have introduced you to those!

You have started calling Papa - Daddy. We don't know where this came from.

You have 6 teeth. This makes meal time difficult still!

You call leche "caca" and we laugh every time.

I told you I was not going to turn on Baby Beethoven the other day unless you could say Beethoven and I swear you said it. Kiki heard too. We just stood there shocked. (obviously it wasn't perfect but it was clear enough)

You wear size 12-18 and some 18-24 and size 5 shoe. You are in the 30th percentile for height, weight, etc.

You say "Hi Titus" every morning and rub my belly.

You learned to climb the day we set up Titus' crib and you HAD to peak inside. You found a monkey and since then go looking for the monkey and make a monkey sound.

You can jump, run and walk backwards. You seem so coordinated and yet sometimes you fall for no reason.

You love looking for the moon every night."LUNA"

You light up a room by entering it. Your little "happy feet" tap dance and giggle melt my heart and there is never a dull moment when you are around. We love you so much little Tabor and we can't believe you will be a big brother soon. We know you will be an amazing brother! Happy 18 months little man. We love you more and more every second of every day.

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  1. We love you too Tabor! Gabriel always says "Babo" for Tabor whenever we watch your videos. Can't wait to see you soon! Love, the Sanders family.