Friday, March 1, 2013

Titus- 4 month

I wish I could freeze time or time travel and hold you when you were just a few minutes old again. I can't believe how fast time is flying. If I could I would hold you all day long. You are such a cuddle bug and honestly I can't get enough of it.

You have changed so much just in the last month. I love every change but I want to cry because I know you won't be a baby forever.

In the last month you:
- Still wear size 3 diapers
- are 26 inches long
- weigh 15lbs
- love your activity gym and reach for toys (specifically a yellow lion)
- lift your feet and roll around when you're on your back
- move all over your crib when you sleep and sleep on your side
- still sleep 12 hours 8:30-8:30 (still eating every 3 hours during the day with three 2hr naps)
- love to stand
- chew on your thumb and are a big drooler - Dr. said you might get teeth soon but if you are anything like your mom, dad or brother you have another 6 months AT LEAST ha!
- still LOVE to copy us - you talk a lot and make pucker up kissing noises - I LOVE this!
- look at me when I call your name
- giggle ALL the time but only when someone talks directly to you
- sit in your exersaucer but are still trying to figure it out.
- try to escape from your swing or bouncer basically tummy time or activity gym is what you like

- are SO easy going - we hardly hear you cry (however when you do cry Tabor tells you not to-ha)
- are not a fan of getting in your carseat but you are getting better
- do NOT like to sleep in your carseat anymore. AT ALL. You may take a power nap but you will stay awake and take it all in.
- smile really big when nap time ends and we wake you to eat
- still sleep with mittens - this may be a sleep aid now! You suck on them to fall asleep but your hands are SO cold all the time. (feet too)
- get scared if your dad says "Boo" too loud. (he thinks you love it though)
- LOVE when your dad sings (who doesn't)
- have TONS of super soft hair but you still look like a baldy because it is so light. We can't wait to see what your hair color is.
- have beautiful "wise" eyes and your eye color seems to be hazel but they look green a lot of the time
- love to suck on your blankets or thumb - your favorite blankets are an owl minky one from Erica Diamond, a blue minky one from your Mema, and your Aden & Anais blankets (which Tabor has tried to steal because they are his favorites too)

Newest issues from 4 month appointment:
- you dropped in weight and height percent-wise
- got put on zantac again for reflux and hopefully to get your weight up (you've stopped spitting up since we started the medicine again- sorry I took you off)
- you have an appointment to see an eye doctor and a physical therapist to check your neck and eye muscles. Prayers appreciated. I am sure you are fine, but we need to be sure. You have always preferred to look to your right so we want to find out why.
- you have super dry and sensitive skin. We lotion you up 2x a day now. You like it. :-)
- your cradle cap is nearly gone- yay!
- other than ALL that the dr said you are doing awesome and are very very healthy.

Baby Titus we love you more than words can say. Your brother can't stop kissing you and neither can we. If you're taking a nap Tabor can't stand that you aren't around. It is so sweet. Your best friend can't wait to play with you. He practices "sharing" with you and if I leave you alone for a second I come back to you covered in blocks or bath toys - if I turn my back on you in the activity gym Tabor will crawl in with you and lay beside you EVERY time! You are incredibly loved.

We thank God every day for blessing us with you. You are a joy to us and everyone that catches one of your contagious smiles. Our prayer for you is that you become a godly man. We cannot wait to see what your future holds. We are so blessed.

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