Friday, March 29, 2013

Titus- 5 Months

Another month has flown by. You are 5 months old now. I just want to hold you and try to never forget these moments. You are still so cuddly and sweet. You are incredibly easy going and hardly fuss about anything. Your eyes get big when your big brother Tabor is around but that's the only sign you give that you are worried about being sat on or loved on too hard.

Your big brother can't get enough of you. He loves you so much. He could kiss you all day. If I ever leave you alone I will find him holding your hand when I walk back into the room. He loves it when you sleep in the same room as him and is not a fan of you sleeping in your own crib in your room. Maybe someday you guys can share a room.

You are OBSESSED with your toes. You sometimes curl your bottom lip under if we pull them away from your mouth. It is so funny how much you love them. If you are awake your feet are in the air and your toes are in your mouth.

You roll over from back to front, but get stuck on your tummy and will play until you're tired of being that way. Then you just fuss until we turn you over. You won't cry just fuss.

You love the water. You have NEVER cried in the bathtub and you enjoy taking baths with Tabor. You two are splashing machines.

Cradle Cap is gone. (Thanks Mustela shampoo!)

You still run your hands through your hair when you nurse. It is really cute.

Your hair is blonde when the sun hits it AND it sticks straight up. We call you our little furrball. However with Gorilla Snot we have been able to give you a fohawk and style it down. It's so soft though. I love it!

Everything goes in your mouth. Everything and you still drool a LOT! You don't spit up as much anymore though - yay! Tabor calls your drool "spit up" though.

You are still a copy cat. If we laugh you laugh. If we smile you smile.

You love to sing. We are convinced it is singing. It's a sweet little noise you make. It is music to our ears at least.

You like books but you can't sit still very long. We are working on this. I know it doesn't help that an almost 2year old is sitting almost on you in the same lap during reading time.

You're wearing 6-12 month clothes in Gap, etc. and nearing the end of 9 month clothing in everything else. You already wear and fit into 12 month stuff!! Guess we won't have to buy summer clothes after all since Tabor wore 12m last summer. YAY!

You've flown twice and have gone on a lot of road trips. You do great! You still aren't a fan of that carseat of yours though.

You sleep with mittens on. We had to buy big baby mittens because the newborn ones were too small. Your hands are always SO cold!

You love your exersaucer and activity gym. You are great at playing alone. I love watching you.

Your "routine" looks like this:
8:30 wake, eat & play
10-12 nap
12 wake, eat & play
1-3 nap
3 wake, eat & play
4-6 nap
6 wake, eat & play
7:30 bathtime
8 eat, pray & sleep

(This is for my benefit) I do need to extend your wake times don't I!? I don't like changes!! ha!

You are super smiley! I love love love making you laugh and watching your smile form. You can look so serious one minute and be all smiles the next. It is so fun to watch. Thank you for cuddling with me and hugging my neck from time to time. It makes my mommy heart melt. We love you sweet Titus and continue to pray that God blesses you and guides us to raise you to love Him. You are such a blessing to us. We love you more than we can say!

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  1. I love you sweet Titus!!! What precious pictures those are. I love these 2 adorable little munchkins. Love them so much!