Saturday, December 21, 2013

Captured moments

Ok I'm going to try this. It's not a formal post it's one done on my phone and just to write down random stuff that happened today. Things that are cute and silly and tomorrow will be forgotten. I haven't done a great job of writing down things as they happen and realize that all too soon they will no longer happen. Calling pancakes "panpakes" or broccoli "broccomoli" are already gone. So in an effort to capture these sweet little moments I'm going to try and write them down this way. Maybe to whoever reads it this it will be boring but to me as a mom someday I hope it makes me smile. 
Tabor about to get a haircut singing "Jingle bell rock" and when it came on he says "mama this is my song!" 

Titus and his one solo top tooth :)

Today's captured moments:

1. Titus you still don't walk but you sure do climb. I ran to the bathroom before we left the house to do some quick shopping and I was gone just a few minutes. When I came back you had climbed the little ladder stool inside the pantry and were about to pull down all the glass olive oil and vinegar bottles. Tabor was right alongside you happy to announce he had opened the pantry door for you. 

2. Tabor you learned how to unlock and lock the doors. You locked me and Titus out of the house when we ran out to get the mail. Luckily your dad was home and opened the door when I rang the doorbell. 

3. Tabor you are quite the backseat driver these days. You also fire question after question at us. At one point today you ran out of questions and looked completely shocked. Papa and I started laughing and told you it was ok to be silent for a minute. Anyway in the car on the way to the mall this was your dialogue: "Mama the light is red please stop. Oh now it is green. See mama you have a green arrow that means you can turn left. Ok mama slow down the light is yellow. Now stop ok now it's green you can go. Wait mama that's a stop sign. Mama you're supposed to stop. Oh that's not good. Mama you didn't stop. Yay there's the mall. Mama you found it. Good job mama." 

4. Tabor "mama I love your boots! Are they your rain boots?"
Mama "sure Tabor"
Tabor "mama I really need some rain boots"

5. Titus you started waving a lot recently and now wave to everyone (unless of course we ask you too - you are NOT a performer) I am also convinced you've recently said "tabor" (babor) and "thank you"

6. Titus you and that blanket are hilarious. You are our very own Linus. 

7. Titus you have one solo tooth on top and it's so cute. It makes us laugh! The other one finally broke through but hasn't come down all the way yet. 

8. One from a week ago from Tabor "Papa we saw Baby Jesus today. He lives at Hobby Lobby" which led to this long conversation:

Tabor: mama where does Jesus live?
Mama: Tabor Jesus lives in heaven with God
Tabor: where's heaven?
Mama: it's up high in the sky Tabor 
Tabor: mama I'm looking but I can't see it
Mama: its higher than the clouds Tabor you can't see it
Tabor: mama I want to see it. How can I see it?
Mama: Tabor someday you will. We all will. 
Tabor: hmm someday? When?
Mama: Tabor first we live on earth then we live in heaven. 
Tabor: how?
Mama: well Tabor we have to die on earth to live in heaven. 
Tabor: I don't want to go to heaven by myself
Mama: you won't Tabor - papa and I will be there waiting for you. 
Tabor: ok then that's ok. But someday right? Not today?
Mama: yes correct
Tabor: ok can I take my monkey & zebra with us to the store?

Ok that's all for today. Christmas is nearly here!!

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  1. That was one of the sweetest posts I've read so far!! You are right about it going too fast so you are smart to write it down. Thank you for sharing. I now have a smile on my face! Merry Christmas!