Monday, April 12, 2010

Baking Blunders

I woke up early to make cakeballs on Saturday and all was going well until I decided to cut a piece of chocolate in half.

Yes mystery was Danielle in the Kitchen with the Knife cutting the Chocolate.

Finger on our way to Urgent Care

I lucked out and avoided needing stitches. A few steri-strips, a tetanus shot and another round of antibiotics and I was good to go home and finish my cakeballs. (No there was NO blood anywhere NEAR the cakeballs!)

Here's my finger after the doctor steri-stripped it and shot my arm! (No I don't have a picture of Ty studying in the waiting room or laughing his head off as they shot me in the arm - sorry!)

Ok, but after all that do you want to know how the cakeballs turned out?

Click here to see.

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