Monday, April 12, 2010

So what's Ty up to?

I've written a lot about cakeballs lately, but what has Mr. T been up to while I slice my fingers and pray for cakeballs to ship safely?

Well he studies...

he drinks tea...

and he gets very hyper when the caffeine mixes with his pent-up energy

That's basically it. Here's a few postcards that the CFA company sent him with his study materials and I think they are exactly how he feels right now.

Although he isn't a golfer - this one says what he feels too...

I put these up on our fridge to remind him that he isn't the only one that feels this way! His brother Trey is taking the 3rd exam the same day that Ty takes the 1st one and he has been studying like this for 3 years!! So prayers for Ty & Trey are very much appreciated! They take their tests on June 5th. I know they will both do GREAT! (but lots of prayers won't hurt!!)


  1. silly Ty... you better pass that test so we can play!

  2. Prayers will be sent that way, as well as cake balls can be sent this way! :) Baby W loves him some cake balls. Ty and Trey will both do great!