Monday, April 5, 2010

voyage through desert RESULTS

Well the results are in.

I have an answer to how the Baby Blue J's did on their desert voyage via Fedex.

I received an email from the customer yesterday and have made everyone wait for me to publish this post before revealing what happened when she opened the boxes.

Remember this is what they looked like BEFORE I shipped them:

Ok Ok I'll stop torturing everyone. Here is the email I received from the customer:

"Box opened. All was fine (a few J’s fell off, but nothing major). They looked divine and tasted the same. The restaurant put them on trays and squirted chocolate swirls around the tray to match. I’ll email photos and send the check. I will order from you again! Take care. Thx again!"

PRAISE GOD!! Thanks for all the prayers! If anyone comes across a packaging company that specializes in personalized boxing please send the info my way! I would still like to perfect this process before the next "cakeball voyage" takes place!

UPDATED PICTURES! Here's a picture of the Baby Blue J's in Las Vegas!

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  1. I KNEW they'd be fine! Speaking of which...I may be needing you to ship some to Kansas soon. I'll let you know! :)