Saturday, October 2, 2010

My new growing Belly...

Well ok upon many requests I'll start posting my new and growing belly! I LOVE it! Although I still think it's growing at a crazy fast pace!

Here's what I've documented thus far:

Weeks 6-9

Week 10

 Baby Blob at 10 weeks

Can't see Baby? How about now:

We couldn't see a baby so our friends in Italy (Luis & Melissa) drew this for us! They even drew a heart around the white blob that was the heart beating! Thanks guys! We love you!!
Week 11 (Can you see the energy returning)

Week 12 (3 months)

Baby T at nearly 13 Weeks (3 months & 1 week)

Week 13

I guess not much has changed to the naked eye, but to me it feels like it grows everyday! (I guess that's the point huh?!) :-)

We had another ultra sound last week. Baby is healthy & we saw him/her hiccup. It was amazing how it went from looking like a blob to looking like a baby so fast! The Dr. took the time to show us everything! Fingers, toes, spine, face, femur, ribs, etc. It was really fun and we also heard the heart beat for the first time! It sounded like du-dum-du-dum-du-dum-hiccup ha!

We find out if Baby T is a boy or a girl on November 5th! We'll share the news with everyone on November 6th. Unless like my mom & Marlene you are so impatient that you try to call the Dr. and ACT like me! I don't think the Dr. is going to fall for..."um Hi I forgot if my baby was a girl or a boy." but apparently we will see if he does or not!

1st Trimester exhaustion & sickness is coming to an end. I feel better and better everyday! I think I'm nearly back to my old bouncy self. Well until 9pm when I can't keep my eyes open to sing goodnight to Caby with Ty. I'll try to post his new hit songs! He is already such a great Daddy!

Oh and don't forget to vote whether you think Baby T ("Caby") is a boy or a girl! The poll is on the right side of this page!


  1. cutest belly ever!!!!!! i love it, thanks for taking pictures! keep taking them, i was (am) not good at're precious and i love that little baby in there!!!!

  2. wow, you have grown, you look beautiful!!! I can't wait until you have the baby, I want to plan a trip with all of us (of course, months after the baby is born)!!