Friday, October 1, 2010

3 Down 1 to go!

We are SO excited to have found out on Saturday that our friends Sarah & Richard are having a Baby Boy! Gabriel John!

We can't wait to meet him!

Here's a few pics from the Gender Reveal party and a link to their blog if you want to see the video!

I LOVE Gender Reveal Parties! They are so so much fun! Although the anticipation of waiting a week to find out was TORTURE!!!

Here's the AMAZING cake made by the Mom-2B Sarah herself!

We had no idea....

I was on Team Pink with my good friend Evelyn Grace!

Mommy & Daddy to be getting ready to cut the cake & reveal to all if it's a pink baby or a blue baby!

And... it was BLUE!!!!!!

YAY for Blue Babies!!!

Happy glowing Mommy 2B! Congrats to you both! We can't wait to meet your bundle of joy! We are so very excited for you guys!

Gabriel John...we await your arrival!

And in case you didn't see that the CAKE was BLUE...

HA! Now vote on the right side of the page --> on whether you think WE will have a BOY or a GIRL! Our big reveal will be November 6th! (The poll will therefore close BEFORE we go to the Dr. as I am SURE I will slip and tell someone otherwise!)

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