Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thoughts on being a mom

So I got this email from some Baby Website saying that to be a good mom there were 10 things I needed to know/do.

One of them was about a snot sucker. I always thought the little booger bulb was the only way to go.

Yes I am blogging about a snot sucker. I am officially a mommy to be.

Well apparently the email said there was a new better way. Technology invented in Italy.

Either way... Ty came home to a teary-eyed pregnant wife thinking she was going to be a terrible mother because she couldn't do Step 1 of the 10 steps. I didn't even get to the other steps.

Click here to see the video.

Ty calmly cleared things up for me by saying there was no way we were purchasing that thing and that I would never have to do that! I felt prety silly for letting it freak me out! ha! Hormones!

Even our mothers agreed that I would never have to do this. The $2 bulbs work just fine!

Anyway, if one of you has this or thinks it's great well you can try to convince me otherwise, but it still freaks me out.


  1. Ok, I am not sure I like that thing. I have used the "little booger bulb" and to tell you the truth the new one does not seem more convenient. However, I did hear that it is not good to use the bulb; I don't know, I used it with 3 different babies and they seem to have survived!!!

  2. ... Technology invented in Italy... nooooo... it's horrible!

  3. Please don't do this. I almost threw up.