Friday, December 3, 2010

First of many little white flags

The Goal

The Challenge

The story

I've been drooling over the boots above for a long time. My sister called to say she bought them the other day & they made me drool even more. They also went on sale for Black Friday and of course the drool was uncontrollable. SO I decided I would go try them on so when I could afford them I would know my size. Well I happened to be at Nordstrom and they were there. (what a coincidence) So I asked for my size. The lady brought them out (along with 3 other pair that I might be interested in - um no thank you!) she dropped them off and left to help someone else.

I opened the box, pulled out the beautiful boots, took off my shoe and here's where the trouble began. The boot is as long as the bottom half of my leg, it has no zipper so all I have to do is lift my foot put it inside and pull the boot up. Easy enough. Except...I can't reach. My belly won't let me get to my foot - forget pulling them up. Ok so I turned sideways and put my foot into the top part of the boot. Great. Now my jeans are in the way so I take my foot out and roll up my jeans. Of course I have to bring my foot up behind me and nearly lay down to do this. Ok back to putting my foot into the boot. I'm sitting and leaning back while leaning sideways, while bracing myself because I have no sort of abdominal muscle to aid me in this task. Ok great. Foot is in top part of boot. Success. Now all I need to do is reach down and pull it up. Ha. I squirm every which way.

The sales associate (along with probably every other customer there) sees me at this point. She comes over and helps me pull it up. (awesome!) I'm exhausted and breathing hard at this point. She tries to tell me we could try a bigger size or maybe I just need to practice or maybe my husband can help me put them on every morning. I look at her with probably a VERY annoyed look. I tell her thank you but I don't think this is the year for boots. I'll just have to try again next year. She gets up and walks to a stand and brings me a few others (as I am attempting to relive the entire experience backwards in order to get the crazy boot off!) As politely as possible I thank her again and assure her I will NOT be buying a pair of boots this year. Maybe I'll come back when I'm not so exhausted and purchase a pair of slip-ons. She finally asks if I need help taking the boot off. YES OF COURSE I DO!!!

I left as quickly as possible.

The Moral

Pregnant girls don't get to wear cute tall stylish boots after their 5th month of pregnancy. AND if any of you cute little non-prego girls go and buy these boots DO NOT wear them in front of me. At least not until next year when I can wear them too! :-)

I waved my little white flag today. I surrendered. I won't be owning these cute boots. At least for this year.

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