Thursday, December 2, 2010

Belly Update

I am currently FIVE months pregnant. Oh my gosh! Time flies!

Although I'm LOVING my new belly - I must admit I am SUPER ready to hold my little man in my arms. (and get him out of my belly where he seems to enjoy doing jumping jacks 24/7)

We put up the tree after Thanksgiving. So I played with one of our "T" ornamaments. Yay Tabor! We can't wait to have you here next Christmas!

Aside from the obvious - I'm large & in charge, other fun changes are that my belly button has gone totally flat, Tabor sleeps 15min a day and kicks the entire rest of the day & night! He goes bonkers when I eat jellybeans or drink tea- both mistakes I've only made ONCE! Ty likes to watch me timber when I try to get up off the couch & I can't seem to put on my right sock very well. Just my right one!

Ok close your eyes if you don't want to see a bare belly shot! Ooo la la! ha! I can't believe there is a baby in there! So crazy! Yay for the belly band- although I've gained plenty of weight some of my jeans still slip off.

Only 4 more months to go! We can't wait to meet you Tabor!!

Middle names are still being tested. We would love his initials to be TNT but we can't help but wonder if we're asking for trouble by doing that!

Top 3 choices so far are:
Tabor Rhys
Tabor Nolan
Tabor Slade

Suggestions ARE welcome. Comments on how you can't pronounce them are NOT! Our family has already given Tabor more nicknames than anyone should have in a lifetime- Tbo, Caby & Taby seem to be the ones that have stuck the most!


  1. ....wha....wha....what about Tabor Jet...??? :(

  2. Your belly is sooooo cute. Just wait until it's really big...then the trouble really starts. At least you (hopefully) won't have an almost 9 lb baby or else you'll just fall over. You look darling!!! I like Tabor Slade and Tabor Rhys! CUTE CUTE CUTE!