Friday, April 1, 2011

2 days and counting...

We are 2 days away from our DUE DATE! Even so I don't feel like it's ever going to happen. I feel like my new marshmallow state is my new way of living. That I will forever sleep sitting up on the couch and never again be able to skip, hop or run.

I've tried everything to send me into labor and this little guy just shows NO interest in coming out.


Yesterday I drove through Taco Bell and asked them to put jalapenos and super hot sauce in a bean & cheese burrito. I do NOT like spicy things. So needless to say... it didn't work and I didn't enjoy my lunch. I thought the hot sauce packet was cute though:

It's hard to read - it says "I carry my weight in my midsection" SO appropriate! ha!

I've been running myself ragged lately keeping busy (yes I KNOW the Dr. said to rest but that's impossible for me! Hence the marshmallow feet)

I have completed Tabor's scrapbook (with all the cards & pics from the showers):

I have packed our bags as you've seen in an earlier post.

I have hung out with Gabriel. Sarah & Gabriel actually came over yesterday to make sure I was resting. I made them proud! I sat on the couch with my feet up nearly the entire time they were here.

Stacy and Evelyn came by one day too. Evelyn played with Tabor's Fergie the Frog. How cute is she! And Stacy made delicious smoothies! (That's my newest craving) Thanks Stacy!!!

Liam and Rachel spent some time making sure I rested too. Rachel brought me an amazing Chef Rachel lunch special - I have been so super blessed lately!!! Liam lounged and played with us (as much as my butterball self can play). I promised him I'd play more soon!

Even Nina came by and brought me CPK for lunch this week. We spent the entire afternoon chatting and catching up. It was so much fun and again a HUGE blessing! I feel so loved!

Now if only Tabor would arrive!!

We've finished Tabor's nursery, we filled Ty's Daddy Diaper bag, and we've built Tabor's new swing (Thanks Bea!)

I've even tried reminding Ty what I once looked like. (and will probably never look like again) He says I haven't changed. HA! I love my husband.

We've passed every possible milestone. Including going on a movie date to see Rango. (Tell me I don't look any different from the above picture. YEA RIGHT!)

So... that's what I've been up to lately. Nothing and everything. Waiting. Waiting for our little man to decide he wants to meet us.

We love you Tabor and we can't wait to meet you!!

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