Thursday, April 14, 2011

Diaper Genie 1 Grandma 0

I'm sitting in my glider nursing Tabor when my mom walks in with a funny look on her face. She tells me she is taking out the trash and asks if she can empty the diaper genie. I say yes completely unaware of what's coming.

She then asks if I know how to empty the diaper genie. I say yes and that it's fairly simple. Again the funny look on her face. Then she admits that she can't figure it out. So I tell her to explain her problem. She kinda laughs and leaves the room.

The next thing I know a huge diaper genie is being carried into the room followed by a long trail of blue bag and an even longer trail of diapers. She is laughing pretty hard at this point.

And so am I.

I try to explain that there is a cutter inside and that's as complicated as it gets. You cut the bag & tie off the ends. I even pull up a utube video to show her. In the end it took Stephanie coming in to find the cutter (which is clearly labeled cutter) in the middle if the genie.

Lesson learned. The diaper genie is not as easy to use as we thought. At least not if you're Grandma Boo!

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  1. Very funny! It's sad that I am the joke, but it's still funny to read what I did. I love all of Tabor's pictures and want more. Please, keep the pictures coming.....