Monday, October 31, 2011

Magic Halloween

About a month before Halloween my sister sent Tabor a card with a picture of a baby dressed as a lobster in a pot with the words "Don't let your parents do this to you" above the picture.

So... of course when Gymboree decided to sell Lobster costumes there was no question what Tabor was going to be for Halloween!

So our little guy was a tasty red lobster for his first Halloween.

We go on a walk every night so when Monica said she & Ryan were taking the kids trick or treating in their neighborhood we asked to tag along. It was great! Our lobster showed up on their doorstep in his pot which was quickly filled with a Roast Duck (aka Quin) and the lobster made a quick escape.

A pirate ignored the two silly babies and ran around collecting candy and saying Thank you as he quickly ran to the next house for more. It was so cute and so much fun. 

The duck and lobster meanwhile rode in their strollers happy as could be and trying hard to stay awake and enjoy their evening walk.

Tabor we love you and hope you have a good laugh at your expense some day. We had a lot of fun dressing you and sticking you in a pot. 

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