Friday, January 6, 2012

9 months

Happy 9 months Tabor!

I know I always say this, but where has the time gone?! I can't believe how fast you're growing. I also already can't remember you as a newborn very well. You're growing too fast! Everyday your personality comes to life more and more and I love it. I love each and every stage you've gone through so far.

Let's see if I can remember what you've done in the last month! (I didn't write them down like I usually do.)

Well one big change is that you started "creeping". Dad says you're a creep. Mom says you crawl like an inch worm. So although it's not officially crawling you are creeping and it's funny to watch how fast you can move around using only your fingers and toes. This started at about 8.5 months and you can now creep faster than I can run.

You eat all sorts of different foods. Tofu, brewer's yeast, tahini, tons of veggies and now even salmon, but still no chicken. Also, if we let you you would eat an entire case of mum mums in one sitting. You even turn red with frustration.if we don't give them to you fast enough but you see us holding them.

I tried to take a few pics with your 9 month sticker but you ate it and then it flew away. BUMMER! I'm going to try again though.

You love playing with magnets and any kind of ball. If it rolls you chase it. If it's small you hang on to it and then chase something else. ha! We should have known you'd love balls since that was your dad's first word and he nearly cried when you got a bouncy ball for Christmas in your stocking and he did not.

You still take 2 2-hour naps (you aren't always asleep the entire 2hrs but you'll still stay in your crib and play. I hope this doesn't change!)

Your favorite thing to do is take a bath or go for a walk. Your baths take at least 30min because you play and play until the water gets cold and then we pour in more hot water and you keep playing. You love to swim and splash and then stop to watch the waves you've made. If you could take a bath everyday you probably would.

Tabor you're a complete joy to be around. Your first word was "agua" and since then you've said "mama" "papa" and bye bye. Papa sounds like you're whispering the word and bye bye sounds like "ba ba"

You love other kids, especially little girls (we're a little worried about this). I love running errands with you because you make everyone around you laugh and smile. If you see other kids all you want is for me to set you down so you can crawl over and watch them play. We've determined you plan to run for Mayor because you've already started campaigning. In San Antonio you chatted up every kid or person that would fall victim to your googly eyes and huge grin.

Oh and you love books. We read all day long because you grab them every chance you get. You still turn the pages for us and now I'll pick 2 books and you'll choose between them. Once you make your selection you lay back on us ready for your story. It's so sweet that I'm a sucker for story time just because of that!!

Thank you for the most amazing 9 months of our lives. We love seeing you smile, hearing you say "ah" over and over again, watching you scoot on your toes, and the sparkle in your eyes when you see someone you know melts our hearts everytime. We love you little Tbo and we can't wait to see what the next month brings!


  1. Wow he says words?!?! He's so smart! Gabriel still just babbles. Happy 9 months Tabor!

  2. Happy birthday, Tabor. Thank you for sharing your 9-month birthday with us! We can't wait to see you again and see what new things you will learn. Just remember that your Tia Leney loves you very much!!