Saturday, December 31, 2011

Groins rock!!

We took a day trip to Gruene, Texas. We'd heard it was a fun place to see and it was. We walked through the little town and took fun pictures, antique shopped and had a blast checking out the general store and the Music hall. 

Marlene's favorite shop was an antique shop where she found a ton of amazing things. She would've bought more if she had more suitcases to take home with her. :-)

The cute little stores were fun to shop in. Even Tabor tried on some cowboy boots:

We ate lunch at the Gristmill which took most of the afternoon. It was so much fun.

Tabor had a feast because they brought me a bowl of hot water to defrost his cubes in and I squished an avocado for him. Marlene had a rack of Baby Back ribs that everyone stole from her.

It was a great lunch. The dessert was a pecan pie made with their pecans and we all agreed it was the absolute best pecan pie we've ever tasted. We wished we hadn't been too full to enjoy it more! Tim & Marlene also had their first Shiners. :-)

We found a target afterwards and while Marlene & I stocked up on baby food all 3 boys napped in the car. Which was good because it refreshed them enough to agree to take us to the outlet mall in San Marcos. Ok. I knew this was an amazing outlet but I'd forgotten just how amazing... You need a week to go through the entire thing. Seriously. Marlene had the best afternoon!! Everything I found somehow was still regular price so I wasn't as successful! (well the term successful may be relative according to Tim haha)

Again the 3 boys hung out while the girls shopped. We met up with them at Starbucks after our trip to Michael Kors, Tory Burch, and Sperry. Sigh... so many things we wanted to purchase!! Ha! We decided to save all our money and make another trip out here just to shop. San Marcos...get ready...we'll be back!!!!

The night ended with a Bang!! We got to see Ilka, Kelly-O, Alex, Michael & my fam. We had so much fun! Ilka set out a panini bar and we spent the night laughing and having a blast.

Here's Michael & Tabor playing with his new toy. :-)

Another successful day.

Marlene's souvenirs - 1,390
Tim's unused outfits - 47

A pic of Tabor before we headed out for the day. He was full of energy and ready to go!

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  1. wow i want to be here with you and with marlene.... marlene... and your fantastic christmas??????????