Saturday, January 28, 2012

Surprise trip to LA

We flew out to LA to surprise Sarah and Gabriel and get to celebrate Gabriel's first birthday! It was so much fun! We got there and were standing in Sarah & Richard's driveway when they pulled up from church. Thanks Tim, Marlene, Rose & Gladys for helping us surprise them. It was really exciting and we had the best time.

The boys had so much fun hanging out together. They followed each other everywhere. It was so sweet!

They even shared a carseat. Ok maybe only for a second. Unless I could get a ticket for blogging this...then not at all officer.

We even got to read stories all together. Gabriel sat calmly while Tabor tried to turn the pages at lightening speed. I could get used to reading to these two every night, but Gabriel's parents wouldn't let me steal him.

They even took baths together. Yes they are going to be mad at us for taking these pictures someday.

This is one of my favorite pictures! We had fun giving them stylish soap hairdoes. 

Tabor and I stayed at the Pitchford Manor for half the time. It was SO much fun! We stayed up late chatting and laughing like usual. One night Tim even made one of his famous smoothies. (yes only ONE NIGHT! ha!)

Marlene, Sarah and I had a great time hanging out too! We went to Suzie Cakes and had AMAZING cupcakes and coffee while we chatted. The boys played quietly in the fun double stroller! I seriously love that thing!

Yes we dressed the boys alike a few times. We even took them to Target dressed like twins. :-) We are dorks!

Gabriel's party was super fun too! I'm so glad we got to be there. Of course the decor was cute and the cake was as amazing as you'd expect!

Check out Dr. Seuss's hat cake! Sarah you're so talented!!

Marlene and I helped make the water bottle labels. So fun! Sarah we loved your theme! It was so cute!

Ok and I told Sarah that I'd love to make Dr. Seuss pops which of course I did, but I now remember why I no longer make cakeballs for a living. They take forever and I had 2 helpers! Gabriel for you I'd make them all over again! Marlene, Sarah's mom and I were exhausted after making these but they turned out pretty cute.

 Even Gabriel had a mini Dr. Seuss hat smash cake! Sarah you're such a great party planner and ok Marlene you're pretty amazing yourself! Gabriel was a little unsure what to do with his smash cake.

It didn't take him long to figure it out though...

He was so proper though. Hardly made a mess. I hope Tabor is the same way. Somehow I doubt it.

Sarah made really cute Dr. Seuss cookies as party favors also. I think I crave these every time I make a cup of tea. (hint hint)

Gabriel thanks for letting us be a part of your first birthday party. We had such a blast with you all. We miss all of our friends in the South Bay and love you all so much!!


  1. They totally look like they could be twins! Cute boys! I secretly (or not so secretly) hope Tabor makes a huge mess like his buddy Quin did....I have a feeling he just might =)

  2. I cried when I saw you! What a great surprise! Thanks so much for coming to visit. We miss you!

  3. I love these two little guys! They are a joy to watch together. Oh, and I happen to love their moms too :)