Monday, February 6, 2012

Tabor is 10 Months old!

Happy 10 months Tabor Nolan!

Everyday more and more of your little personality shines through and I love you more and more. This last month has been a whirlwind but we've had a blast with you. We even spent a week and a half in LA and had such a great time with everyone there! I loved watching you play with all the other little ones!

In the last month you've had a few changes...

You still do your little army crawl. Actually I don't even know if we can call it an army crawl or even a wounded soldier crawl. You use your arms and toes and slide on your belly. You even cross your feet sometimes which makes this crazy crawling method seem completely inefficient to us, but you can move pretty quick if you have a reason to (ex. iphone or anything else you know you shouldn't play with).

You can pull yourself up. This is actually really funny because you won't bend your knees or walk your feet in closer. It's all upper body (and you've even used your tongue a time or two to help). You'll bend at the waist and then hold on for dear life. You've learned to get yourself down too by reaching with one arm until you touch the floor and then plop your belly down.

You can say uh oh and you learned to say it when you drop something. Actually now you say it before you intentionally throw something. You can be a little jokester sometimes.

You love eggplant, Brussels sprouts, beets, tofu, spaghetti squash, cheese, pasta, bread, salmon and beans. You still won't eat chicken but we haven't given up trying!

You've had your first cold (which won't seem to go away) and it happened the week after you stopped nursing. I tried to keep nursing you but you refused to work for your milk. Which I learned with the bottle too because I was still using a slow flow. How was I supposed to know there were other flows! ha! You still can't sit still very long even with the fast flow but at least you're drinking milk again. You drink about 6oz of Enfamil 4x a day. Formula is SO expensive! I can't wait to switch you to whole milk!

You can say mama. You still give lots of kisses and sometimes you blow them. You say "hola" but it sounds like "alla" or to your dad it sounds like "holla".

You love to give high fives or knuckles. You can clap but only on occasion because you prefer we do it for you since we can make it sound louder.

You still LOVE bath time. Actually you crawl into the bathroom everyday and pull up on the tub to look inside hoping to see water. You would love it if you could take a bath every day!

You play in your play pen for 30min at a time 2x a day. You love this and so do I!

You can scoot yourself backwards in your little riding car. You just started this a few days ago when you realized you could finally reach your toes to the floor!

You turned 10 months old on Super Bowl Sunday...which is why you have pictures with a football. You and your dad played "catch". To your dad's excitement you loved his football. You made his day!

Oh and my absolute favorite thing that you do now is that you play peek-a-boo with us before you go to sleep. We put a blanket over your face and ask where Tabor is and you pull it down so we can say peek-a-boo. Then you cover your face again and again and again. I think you would love to play this as long as we'd let you so you can stay up later! ha! The funniest thing though is when you peek one eyeball out and think we can't see you. We still ask where Tabor is but we think it's so funny.

Your schedule hasn't changed. Sleep 8:30-8:30 and 2- 2hr naps at 10:30 & at 3.

You weigh 19lbs and are 29inches long and are in the 37th percentile.

Your buddy Gabriel turned 1 today!! Happy Birthday Gabriel! We miss you and can't believe you are a year old!! We're so glad we got to be in LA to celebrate your first year! (I promise I'll post more soon!)


  1. You're the sweetest little man ever!!! I can't believe you're almost one! Not possible.