Sunday, February 5, 2012

Growing Kids God's Way

Ok Ok I KNOW I need to update my blog. AND I WILL but first thing is first... I need to blog about a contest in order to enter it. So... here goes!

I just entered a contest to win the first book in the Prep for Parenting series of Growing kids God's way. I really really want to win this book. I really really want to own all of these books!

This is the parenting strategy that Ty and I have decided to raise our children on and so far we LOVE it! We decided we wanted a reason for everything we did and do. So if something that we do seems weird to you...just ask us WHY! We would LOVE to tell you and with these books even back up our actions with scripture! Ok we also make mistakes so there will be times when  you ask and we can't remember (sarah you do this and I love you for it!) so we go back and reevaluate! Either way it works for us and we've decided that no matter what we do as long as we are doing it for God then hopefully we are able to say we've done the best we could do.

The secular version of these books is called the "wise-series". Tabor has mastered Babywise 1&2 and we are currently moving to Pre-toddlerwise. Someday I hope to be blogging about the Teen-wise section. Yep I plan to read all 18years worth of these books and hopefully the Growing kids God's way version too (these are a little more expensive which is why I'm trying to win it!!)

Anyway...there you go. Want to know why we teach Tabor sign language, why he plays in his playpen for 30min to an hour a day or why he sleeps 12 hours at night. Trust me we'll talk your ear to death telling you why we love these books! Yes yes we know the next baby won't be as easy but we hope that keeping God as our focus that the joys of parenting are still as much fun as they've been so far!

If you're interested in entering the contest too just go to this blog! It's the place that has answered all my questions from last April to today!


  1. Well what happens if we are competing for the same book?!?!! Love it!

  2. If you win it Amber you better SHARE!!! Ha!