Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A day at the zoo

Ok well...not really THE ZOO but more like the mall pet store. ha!

Tabor really loves animals and we try to make trips to Petsmart or the mall "zoo" as often as possible. 

Tabor held a dog bone while we waited for our favorite puppy to come out to play.

We got to play with the puppy in the puppy room. I think he was scared of Tabor though. Tabor is a little too hands on since he's used to playing with Ginger who is 10x the size of this puppy but we still had fun!

Then we played with the cars that moved after looking at the birds and ferrets.

Tabor kept trying to make the cars go faster. ha Our little daredevil. I love the pic of him in his California wheels. Tabor is a Cali dude all the way.

Next week..Petsmart! :-) Hey it's free admission!!

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