Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

 Happy Mother's Day!

We had a great day celebrating Mother's Day today. Trey came in from Dallas so we started the day off with brunch at Stella's. We spent some good ole quality time together and I did some shopping with my mom and then we had dinner with her at Hayashi. Yes our celebrations tend to center around food :-) isn't that the best way to celebrate!?

My hubby treated me to a coupon that entitles me to THREE days off! I have no idea what I'll do or where I'll go, but I'm excited to relax! My "kids" Tabor & Uh Oh gave me a gift card for a prenatal massage at Woodhouse Day Spa. I can't wait to go! I even got a gift card to my favorite store Belly couture from Kyle with a sweet card. I definitely felt VERY appreciated for Mother's Day. Thanks boys for spoiling me and making me feel so loved.

Tabor gave his Nona (Flo) a framed picture of himself (see above) that says "I love U" and the boys gave her a new bike to ride to school on. We're excited for this rain to stop so she can take it out once it arrives!

Nona thanks for being such an amazing grandmother, mother and mother-in-law. We are all so blessed by you daily!

My mama and I will be going to Woodhouse Day Spa for some much needed girl time and pedicures next week. We can't wait. Tabor also gave his Abuita a frame (I should post pics of how they turned out since they're different) He also stamped his little hand in their cards (thanks Trey for your help with these things and I hope you weren't too covered in ink after it all!)

Mama thanks for being such a great mother to me & Steph, a great mother-in-law to Ty, and an amazing grandma to Tabor. We love you so much and can't imagine what we'd do without you.

Nona's frame & card:

Abuita's frame:

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to yoU!!!! And I am SO excited for your trip(s) to'll feel like a princess =) AAANNNDDDD I get to babysit Tabor (right? please???) So I'm double excited! Your pictures turned out awesome!