Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sign Language

We started teaching Tabor sign language when he was about 5 months old. He stared at us for the first few months and now I can't remember when he started signing for the first time, but the first one he mastered was "All Done". Granted he says the words at the same time he signs them both in English and in Spanish "ya" but at least he gets his point across and it looks like he's waving because he only uses one hand usually.

He then learned how to say "more" thanks to Sarah. I don't know why he chose to learn from her and not us but we were grateful for her magical powers. So at Bless Your Heart one day he learned to say "more" or "mas". He says this one in Spanish sometimes but he is sure to always sign when he wants more of something. Side note: He doesn't make his hands into fists so it looks like he's clapping when he says "more".

Then came "milk". The funny thing is he says "agua" when he signs "milk" and he uses 2 fingers so it looks like he's playing a mini violin. He's a little confused on this one.


The one we thought he would NEVER learn (which in Pretoddlerwise they remind you is the FIRST one you should teach) is "please". The reason it's important to learn this one is because it's their first act of submission. Of course our child did not want to submit. ha! Until this week! Ty kept saying we needed to work on it more (and trust me I DID!) so finally the other day when he said "more please" I nearly cried. I was so proud. Ty was so excited and we of course now have to blog about it.

So here is a video of Tabor signing "please"

The signs we are now working on are:


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