Saturday, May 12, 2012

We are interesting too...

Ty said our blog has turned into a Tabor's life blog. So in an attempt to write about something other than Tabor today... I will update you on what we're doing.

Ty is studying. He takes the CFA Level II exam on June 2nd in Dallas. So prayers are MUCH appreciated.

He studies from 4-6am, listens to CFA cds in the car on his way to work, studies as he eats lunch, studies again in his car on his way home from work, and studies again from 6-10pm. Life as he knows it is boring and stinks.

Me... I am sporting some cool new accessories these days. A baby on one hip, a growing belly and a dorky wrist brace. Yes I'm so cool. I hurt my wrist back in October doing P90X and now months later I'm paying for not wanting to see a doctor. I have apparently chipped some cartilage. cool.

On a much cooler note my belly is growing. I am nearly 15 weeks pregnant and this is what I look like. I am definitely bigger than I was the first time around. I have already felt Baby Uh Oh move. It happened during our first sonogram at the doctor's office and I wouldn't have known baby had moved if I didn't also see it on the screen. So fun. I don't feel "uh oh" much yet though so we'll see if he/she is as active as her/his older brother!

As of last week I had only gained 1 pound, but after our trip to Denver, Colorado where my appetite finally returned it may be safe to say I gained 20lbs! ha!

Here's Baby Uh Oh's first picture. He/She actually waved at us. :-) We can't wait to meet you!

Don't get excited about that little M on the sonogram. It has nothing to do with the sex of the baby. We were lucky to see the hand in this rough image. Gender will be revealed at the end of June!!


  1. Thanks for the update on you and Ty but Tabor's life is so much more interesting than yours :) Love you and miss you lots!!

  2. finally!!!!!! I'm waiting for the update on you and ty and little little touchstone! You are so beautiful... and ty... you are a great dad and i'm sure that your exam will be ok, becouse beautiful things happen to beautiful person!