Thursday, August 23, 2012

First day of Non-School

Monica, Amber & I decided to take turns twice a week and keep the kids for 2 hours in the morning. 

This was our first day. 

Tabor cooperated for about 2minutes so this is as good as the before "school" pics get. I love his new backpack. He won't wear it yet and of course mom has to carry it, but I still think it's super cute and it holds all he needs. So Titus the diaper bag is nearly ready for your arrival.

They played at Amber's for the 1st day. They had a blast. I'm so excited that they get to spend so much time together and I think it will be good for them and for us!

Tabor, Cape & Quin

I love these little boys. They are so happy and sweet and I can't wait until they come play at "Tabor's" house next week! 

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