Friday, August 17, 2012

Steph's Bachelorette Party

I have to start this blog out right by showing off the hat that started off all the craziness. My mom & I were flying from Texas to Chicago. Easy enough right?! Yea well apparently all flew out the window when we saw this hat, bought it and missed our connecting flight. 

We did eventually make it and had an amazing time. My aunt Mari and cousin Shelly also planned a surprise visit so it turned into the BEST girls weekend ever!

We celebrated the end of Steph's bachelorhood by taking a LAP DANCING class! Hilarious I know but it was such a blast and honestly yea ok honestly a pregnant lap dancer...not so sexy. ha! Poor Titus will never live this down knowing I took this class with him in my belly. ha ha It was better than our original pole dancing lesson we had planned. Those women really do climb those poles! Crazy!!

We went to a fancy dinner afterwards (see the hat was worth the missed flight!) and had an amazing meal with fancy straws. ;-) It was so much fun!

Steph got lots of great gifts but my favorite was the huge undies that I found and monogrammed with a huge heart. haha Ok Ok I don't expect her to wear grannie panties but she and my mom did it to me when I got married so it was payback time!

We went up to the rooftop after dinner which apparently turns into a bit of an after dinner party! Look how cool Chicago looks in the background. It was a perfect night!

Mari was the life of the party (as always) she pulled an "Ellen" and danced behind every guy that wasn't paying attention. It was hilarious!

We had such a great time! Steph you are a gorgeous bachelorette and now I really can't wait until the wedding!!

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