Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MMO - Day 2

MMO - Mother's Morning Out

Day 2 was a unique and special day. Kenley came into town so we decided to get all the boys together and also let us mommies get to spend some much needed quality time together. Of course most of that time was spent chasing boys, catching swings before they smacked another boy in the head, rounding up boys, feeding snacks, feeding lunch, teaching to share, explaining sandbox rules, and getting covered in sand. Ha - life sure isn't the same as it used to be! What did we do before? Actually talk I think!!

Here are the 4 kiddos. This is one out of 50 pictures and probably the only one where you can see all of their faces in one shot. 

Baker - Tabor - Quin - Cape
(our kids have such cool names!)

So this picture cracks me up. Tabor double fisting his donuts but the thing that gets me is how much he looks like Ty in this picture. You may not see it but there's a baby picture of Ty somewhere that looks so much like this one. I'll post it if I ever locate it.

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