Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Trail 2012

Since Danielle is a wee bit occupied these days with a precious newborn (whom I'm sure she'll introduce to the blogworld as soon as she gets a free second) I (Monica) thought I'd finally post for her from Halloween events...just days before Titus was set to arrive!

The first event was the Pumpkin Trail! Tabor and his 2 buddies, Quin and Braidy were super excited to see thousands of pumpkins...all carved differently. They loved this. Quin and Tabor rode in the wagon most of the time, and Braidy ran ahead of us, blowing out the candles and putting lids back on.  We tried our best to get a few good pictures of the 3 boys, but it was a challenge. We got a few!

We walked through the trail and loved looking at the pumpkins. Tabor spotted a "T" (actually a double T!) and he yelled "T"!!! Each of them got a picture as a scarecrow and about halfway through the trail momma and papa treated the boys to hot cocoa, a glow bracelet and a small chocolate bar! Happy boys!

As we were finishing the trail Boo and Kiki showed up and we had so much fun playing with them. Kiki pulled Tabor and Quin in the wagon while Braidy chased them. I've never heard 3 boys laugh so much. They had a blast and didn't want the fun to end. Sadly, it had to because it was getting dark and getting close to bedtime. We had a blast and and are so glad we all got to go together!

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